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Explore the dynamic offerings of South Canyon’s prized destination for shooting enthusiasts – the Glenwood Springs Gun Club. Nestled beside the serene South Canyon Creek and easily accessible just 2 miles west of Glenwood on I-70 at exit 111, this non-profit corporation has catered to sharpshooters since the 1980s.

Main Features:

  • Sporting Clays: Immerse yourself every Saturday morning in a challenging 12-station, 100-target course, keeping in mind that winter snow or summer fire restrictions may prompt closures.
  • Wednesday Night Pistol Program: Hone your handgun skills from May to September under the setting sun, led by an experienced coordinator.
  • Monday Rifle and Pistol: The first Monday night of each month during summer unlocks the rifle and pistol ranges for public enjoyment.
  • Membership Perks: Members have the exclusive option to check out a key to the range, ensuring access to their shooting passion.
  • Location: A scenic drive past natural landmarks leads to this secluded shooter’s haven.

Strengths gleaned from reviews and operational insights include:

  • Enthusiastic and supportive community atmosphere.
  • Unique terrain offering a challenging and enjoyable experience for all levels.
  • Well-organized events with timely starts.

Operational aspects reveal:

  • Limited winter access due to snow, requiring key check-out for entry.
  • No current 5-Stand offerings or special events scheduled.
  • Seasonally adjusted program times and closures for safety and resource management.

Prospective members and visitors should note:

  • Prior coordination with officers is advised to confirm availability.
  • Annual application processing is between January and August.
  • Strict adherence to safety and environmental rules is paramount.




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