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Discover the exclusive Frontier Sportsman’s Club, a private haven for firearm enthusiasts who value safety, camaraderie, and the responsible exercise of their 2nd Amendment rights. This members-only club is renowned for its commitment to the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as its dedication to fostering marksmanship and sportsmanship among its community.

Membership at Frontier Sportsman’s Club: Prospective members should note the current 1-2 year waiting period for entry, emphasizing the club’s exclusivity and desirability. With an initial setup fee of $125 and annual dues also at $125, the club maintains affordability. The club takes security seriously, with strict rules against sharing gate lock combinations and a policy that requires members to display their badge at all times on the ranges.

Facilities and Ranges: The club boasts two exceptional ranges, Falcon Range and Hanover Range, each offering a variety of distances for both pistol and rifle shooting. The Falcon Range, conveniently located near Colorado Springs, features distances from 7.5 to 300 yards, catering to a range of shooting disciplines. The Hanover Range, a secluded spot approximately 45 minutes from downtown, extends the offering to a 1000 yard range, with targets at 100-yard intervals starting at 300 yards, and includes informal pits for reactive targets and cowboy shooting.

Community and Events: Frontier Sportsman’s Club prides itself on its community involvement, hosting Public Hunter Site-In Days, Civilian Marksmanship Program matches, and Appleseed Marksmanship Training, among other events. The club also collaborates with various local organizations, reinforcing its role as a pillar in the local community.

Reviews and Reputation: Members and local guides have praised the club for its affordability and exclusive membership model. The ranges, while described as low-tech, are celebrated for their effectiveness and safety. Regular events like the CMP shoot on the third Sunday of each month add to the club’s appeal. The club’s philosophy ensures that all members adhere to the rules, creating a respectful and safe shooting environment.




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