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Discover the premier indoor shooting experience in Colorado at DCF Guns’ state-of-the-art range, where safety meets precision and entertainment. Catering to both novice and experienced shooters, the facility offers an opportunity for individuals to refine their shooting abilities in a controlled environment. The range accommodates personal firearms and provides an array of rental options, including rifles, handguns, and fully-automatic rifles, to elevate the shooting adventure. With a selection of targets designed for solo practice or friendly competition, shooters can test their skills and indulge in the sport’s camaraderie.

However, it’s important to note that DCF Guns maintains strict ammunition policies for the safety and integrity of their facilities. Certain types of pistol and rifle ammunition, such as armor-piercing, steel core, and tracer rounds, are prohibited, ensuring a safe shooting environment for all guests. Shotgun enthusiasts are welcome but limited to slug and 00 buckshot rounds.

DCF Guns goes beyond offering a typical range experience. The establishment prides itself on premier firearm education and training in Colorado, emphasizing the significance of firearm safety and expertise for the benefit of individual enthusiasts and the community at large. Instruction is provided by seasoned military veterans equipped to impart crucial knowledge and skills across various self-defense and emergency scenarios.

The Training Lab at DCF Guns sets a high standard with its advanced simulation technology. It boasts an extensive library of interactive scenarios and the flexibility to craft customized training exercises, accommodating up to 18 participants for a comprehensive training session that spans from TASER™ to Baton to firearm handling, including low-light conditions.

In terms of gunsmithing, DCF Guns demonstrates meticulous craftsmanship and technical expertise. Their services encompass general repairs, machining, and custom work, ensuring that firearms are not only maintained but also personalized to the owner’s preferences. The availability of OEM and aftermarket parts makes them a one-stop shop for any repair or enhancement needs.

Enthusiasts looking to personalize their firearms further can explore DCF Guns Custom Shop’s offerings, such as professional stippling with custom designs. While they are not NIC Ind. Certified applicators, they provide an array of metal finishes, including the renowned C-Series Cerakoting, known for its durability and versatility.

The positive reflections in customer reviews highlight the range’s clean and well-maintained facilities, the knowledgeable and patient staff, and the engaging experiences provided, such as the opportunity to rent unique firearms for a nostalgic shooting session. The warm and professional atmosphere has earned praise, reinforcing the range’s reputation as an exceptional locale for both purchasing firearms and participating in shooting activities.

DCF Guns, Colorado’s largest gun store and range company, showcases an expansive selection of firearms, ammunition, and accessories across its locations. With ambitions to expand further, their commitment to the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership is evident in their efforts to create a welcoming environment for all skill levels.

Offering membership options with significant benefits, DCF encourages enthusiasts to join a community passionate about firearms and training. Members enjoy privileges such as gunsmithing services, class discounts, and a connection to a broad network of firearm aficionados.





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