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Nestled in the scenic Pueblo West, Colorado, the Pueblo West Sportsman’s Club stands as a celebrated destination for shooting enthusiasts. With a steady rating of 3.6 from over 20 Google reviews, this exclusive range boasts several features and has become a coveted spot for local marksmen and sportswomen. Here are the key highlights:

  • Exclusive Membership: Access to the Pueblo West Sportsman’s Club is a sought-after privilege, with potential members often waiting for years due to its policy of limiting membership to maintain quality and safety.
  • Comprehensive Range Options: Catering to a wide array of shooting disciplines, the club features:
  • Safety and Instruction: With a vigilant staff presence, the club emphasizes safety and provides corrective guidance as needed, ensuring a secure environment for all shooting activities.
  • Competitive and Educational Events: Regular competitions and classes are held, fostering a vibrant community of sportsmen and sportswomen engaged in continuous skill enhancement.
  • Nature-Integrated Setting: Located on a state wildlife refuge, the range is harmoniously integrated with the natural habitat, offering an opportunity to appreciate Colorado’s indigenous wildlife while engaging in shooting sports.

Visitors to the club have expressed admiration for the facility’s impeccable maintenance and the quality of the ranges. The club’s proximity to residential areas means shooting hours are thoughtfully scheduled to minimize disturbance, showing a respectful balance between sport and community.

While the excellence of the range is well-acknowledged, some patrons have voiced concerns over the exclusivity of membership, suggesting a desire for more open access. Others have indicated room for improvement in the archery areas, noting that enhancements could enrich the overall experience.

The Pueblo West Sportsman’s Club is not only a place for shooting practice but also a hub for events and meetings, with a calendar full of activities ranging from Hunter Sight-In days to General Membership & Board Meetings, showcasing its role as a central figure in the local community.




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