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Nestled in the heart of shooting sports enthusiasm, Pawnee Sportsmens Center emerges as a comprehensive facility for firearms aficionados. This well-rounded center caters to a variety of shooting disciplines, providing enthusiasts with a diverse range of ranges and matches to satisfy their passion for precision and skill.

Main Features:

  • Pistol Range: A choice between 10 and 25-yard ranges, complete with covered shooting stations and provided backstops and targets.
  • Rifle Range: Offers distances of 100 and 200 yards, ensuring a quality experience with covered stations and all necessary backstops and targets.
  • Long Range: A premier 400 to 1,000-yard range with steel targets, specifically designed for those seeking the thrill of long-distance accuracy.
  • Shotgun Fields: Includes 4 Trap fields and 2 Skeet fields, both equipped with voice pull activation for a seamless shooting session.
  • Cowboy Action: Multiple stages for an immersive shooting experience with various steel targets designed for old west firearms.

The center operates with specific pricing for each range, offering $20 per shooter for Pistol, Rifle, and Long Range, while Trap and Skeet are priced at $8 per round, with members benefiting from discounted rates.


  • Renowned for the expansive 1,000-yard range.
  • Commended for the courteous community of shooters and the self-organized environment without the need for a Range Safety Officer.
  • Members celebrate the excellent perks and reasonable pricing of memberships.
  • Acknowledged for the facility’s versatility, including the availability of 3-Gun and Long Range Matches.
  • Highlighted for its role in supporting local communities and youth groups.


  • Customer service has room for improvement, with particular references to less-than-welcoming staff encounters.
  • Some reviews mention the need for maintenance, especially on shooting tables.

Public Hours and Availability:

  • North “Pistol & Rifle” Clubhouse: Open Friday 2pm-5pm, and weekends 9am-5pm, with the invitation to arrive early to ensure a full experience.
  • South “Clays” Clubhouse: Available Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm.
  • Common amenities like ammunition and protective gear are available for purchase at both clubhouses.

Membership Options:

  • A yearly Pawnee Membership is available for families at $200, inclusive of guest passes and discounted rates.
  • Members enjoy extensive access to ranges and are exempt from shooting costs.

For the full schedule of events, membership details, and to explore what each range has to offer, check out the range’s specific pages and social media contacts.




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