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Located in the serene setting of Eaton, CO, the Weld County Range offers a well-maintained facility for firearms enthusiasts. With a solid 4.3-star rating based on 9 Google reviews, this shooting range in Colorado has garnered feedback that highlights its welcoming environment for both new members and regular shooters.

Main Features:

  • Cleanliness: Patrons consistently note the tidiness of the range, making it a pleasant space for shooting activities.
  • Spaciousness: The range boasts ample space, ensuring members can shoot comfortably without feeling overcrowded.
  • Membership Privileges: As a private club, it provides an exclusive experience for its members.
  • Event Hosting: Well-designed USPSA matches and other events are frequently praised for their organization and fun atmosphere.
  • Affordability: The range is noted for its reasonable pricing, making it accessible for regular use.


  • Welcoming for Beginners: New members have found it easy to use the range for activities like sighting in rifle scopes.
  • Not Overcrowded: Even on weekends, the range is described as comfortably populated, allowing for an uninterrupted shooting experience.
  • Recreational Competitions: The monthly USPSA matches are highlighted as a standout offering, with well-planned stages and enjoyable competition.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Distance Options: Some members express a desire for longer distance steel ranges to enhance their shooting practice.
  • Location: While the drive may be a bit long for some, the range’s secluded setting is seen as an asset by many users.

While the range operates independently and is not affiliated with any government entity, this has caused confusion for some; however, this has not deterred most members from enjoying their time at the range.




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