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Located at 270 Alexis Ln, Anniston, AL 36201, Moss Branch Shooting Range offers a prime shooting experience in Alabama. With an overall rating of 4.0 based on 5 Google reviews, this range has certain aspects that make it stand out.


  • Facilities: The range boasts a multi-place 100-yard range which is complemented by 50 and 25-yard target stands. These are fortified with significant earth backstops behind each. All firing points are sheltered with coverings, and equipped with concrete floors as well as permanent benches. Though one might want to bring a soft bench cover for added comfort.
  • Maintenance: The structures and facilities are consistently reported to be in very good repair. The grounds are well-landscaped, maintained regularly, and trash cans are conveniently placed with refuse regularly collected and disposed of.
  • Safety: Reviews mention encountering other members who are very safety-conscious. This focus on safety contributes to a friendly and organized shooting environment.
  • Additional Features: There are extensive handgun facilities available, specifically a 25-yard range. Additionally, steel targets that can be reset from the firing line are provided, and there’s also a tactical range on the premises.
  • Access and Security: Entry to the range is exclusive to members only and is secured through an electronic security gate. Safety equipment like ear and eye protection is a mandatory requirement.


  • Membership Requirement: The shooting range doesn’t offer day passes, and the only way to access is through a yearly membership fee of $175. This fee covers unlimited use for the member and their immediate family throughout the year.
  • Target Limitations: The steel targets are limited to the pistol range, and according to one reviewer, they seem a bit dated and are few in number.




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