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Founded by the vision of local bird hunters in the early 50s, Pajaro Gun Club first settled on a farm in Bonanza. It then shifted near Ben Geren park before finally relocating to its present location in 1990. The first few years witnessed the construction of four skeet fields, hosting state shoots until the mid-80s. Notable moments include when Vince Scarlatta ran the first 400X400 in Arkansas here.

Over the years, Pajaro Gun Club has been the nurturing ground for several world champions. Notable members include Bo Echols, who clinched the family concurrent award with his father, Billy in 1982, and Neil Crow, who secured a winners patch in a 5-man team event. Other champions include David Dewitt, Helen Donn, and Johnny Smith.

Today, the club boasts of an impressive infrastructure. Facilities include:

  • 10 Sporting Clay fields (20 throwers)
  • 3 Skeet fields
  • 3 Trap fields
  • 1 Five Stand field
  • A spacious clubhouse equipped with a meeting room, living room, and a full kitchen. It also has a large outdoor event area with a smoker and grill.

Please note that Pajaro is a private, members-only club, and only permits shotguns. No rifles or pistols are allowed.


  1. Experienced Community: Many members vouch for the club’s warm and knowledgeable community. They appreciate the guidance provided by experienced trap or skeet enthusiasts.
  2. Impressive Facilities: Reviewers have praised the club for its excellent facilities, particularly the clubhouse and shooting ranges. The ability to rent out the clubhouse is an added bonus.
  3. Efficient Management: Attendees of events, such as the 2019 Arkansas state shoot, have lauded the supportive staff, from target setters to kitchen help.

Areas of Improvement:

  1. Privacy Concerns: There have been mentions about members’ addresses being available publicly on the club’s website, raising concerns about privacy and safety.




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  • Monday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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