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Looking to enhance your firearm safety and skills? Modern Defense, LLC in Colorado Springs offers an educational haven for gun enthusiasts and beginners alike. Founded in 2015 by a local expert raised in the heart of a family-operated multi-recreational facility, this business has deep roots in firearm knowledge and safety.

Modern Defense isn’t just another course provider; it’s a personal mission born from tragedy and fueled by passion. This growing start-up aims to expand not only its class offerings but also its product range, with aspirations of adding a storefront and more.

Key Features:

  • Classes cater to various experience levels, from beginners to advanced shooters.
  • Wide range of prices: $0.00 – $200.00 for courses, ensuring accessibility for different budgets.
  • A diversity of classes including:
    • Basic Handgun Education and Concealed Carry
    • Women’s Only Classes
    • Inside and Outside Home Protection
    • Intermediate and Advanced Handgun Courses
    • Private Lessons available upon request

The course offerings are comprehensive, lasting 4-6 hours, with both classroom and range time provided at the same facility for a hands-on experience. Classes are competitively priced, with basic courses starting at $75 and the option to rent firearms for an additional cost.

Modern Defense’s reputation is built on the founder’s extensive experience and personal dedication to firearm education, influenced by her mother’s passion. Classes are taught by Melissa, a qualified NRA-certified instructor with over 15 years in the firearms industry.

Course Highlights:

  • Courses are taught at the well-equipped Dragonman’s Shooting Range.
  • Range time is included, emphasizing the practical application of classroom learning.
  • Handgun rentals and necessary equipment are available on-site.

Additional Offerings:

  • A selection of shooting gear and accessories.
  • Gift certificates and featured items like the Surefire Mini Scout and Holosun optics.

For those seeking convenience, the sign-up process is straightforward through their website, with the ability to select your course, date, and session easily.




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