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Ogun Gun Club is making strides to become America’s foremost institution for producing skilled Black Firearms Instructors. A key part of reaching this goal is developing a facility with classrooms and shooting lanes. Here’s where you can make a difference—support their mission by clicking the PayPal button to donate.

Key Features:

  • Membership Requirements: All members must be over 18 and join the National African American Gun Association within 7 business days of applying to O.G.C.
  • Equality and Authority: The club operates democratically, granting equal authority to all members in running the club.
  • Inclusivity: O.G.C. welcomes members of any race, ethnicity, gender, or background, while focusing on the African American community.
  • Diverse Membership: The club unites individuals of varied experiences, religions, and philosophies with a shared love for community, family, firearms, and freedom.
  • Community Empowerment: Their belief is strong in empowering community members through firearm ownership and education.

What Ogun Gun Club Does:

  • Firearms Training Programs: Tailored to the urban community, the club offers comprehensive training in firearm safety, usage, laws, and legislative education.
  • Emphasis on Health: They integrate an emphasis on health and fitness within their training programs.
  • Promotion of Positive Image: The club is dedicated to presenting firearms in a positive light within urban settings.
  • Holistic Education: Their approach includes wilderness survival, promoting self-reliance and enjoyment of the outdoors.

Founder’s Vision:

Daniel Boykin, the founder, brings a lifetime of experience in firearms, rooted in a strong family tradition. His personal journey from a childhood steeped in firearm culture to empowering urban communities through education forms the backbone of Ogun Gun Club.

Club’s Objectives:

  • Enhancing shooting skills and promoting firearm education.
  • Maintaining a positive image of firearms in urban areas.
  • Advocating for safe handling and proper use of firearms.
  • Making survival skills and self-reliance engaging for the community.
  • Engaging in competitive shooting and marksmanship.
  • Encouraging responsible firearm use and ownership.
  • Organizing shooting sports and activities.
  • Fostering self-protection skills.
  • Promoting outdoor activities like hunting and camping.
  • Cultivating political awareness, community service, and unity.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Those who have interacted with Ogun Gun Club express a deep appreciation for the club’s efforts. Their enthusiasm is palpable, with one reviewer highlighting a transformative experience, indicating not just satisfaction but also the life-changing impact of the club’s work.




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