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For those seeking a premier shooting experience, Magnum Shooting Center South is a beacon for both novices and enthusiasts. With its state-of-the-art facilities and an array of member perks, this center is a hub of activity, learning, and community for all things related to firearms. Based on a collection of reviews, here’s what stands out about Magnum Shooting Center South:

Main Features:

  • Expansive Shooting Lanes: Offering fourteen 25-meter lanes and an additional fourteen 15-meter lanes.
  • Retail Haven: A well-stocked retail shop catering to various shooting needs.
  • Classes & Training: A robust selection of educational opportunities in firearms handling.
  • Membership Benefits: Ranging from unlimited range time to discounts on classes.
  • A north location of the Magnum shooting center is also avaialble.


  • Members praise the incredible value of the Magnum Training Academy, with monthly access to classes at a rate that’s seemingly unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness.
  • The staff across both ranges are consistently highlighted for going the extra mile, particularly at the South location, creating a welcoming atmosphere for individuals and groups.
  • Educational offerings like the CHP class have been noted for their comfortable and informative delivery, making complex information accessible to all.
  • Both first-time and seasoned shoppers praise the informative and enjoyable shopping experience, which is characterized by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff assistance.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of the range are often noted, indicating a well-kept and professional environment.
  • The array of classes available has been a draw for many, providing opportunities for both skill advancement and community engagement.


  • There has been an occasional lapse in service, as one reviewer noted a lack of attention when attempting to engage with the staff.
  • While many highlight fair pricing, the sale of firearms has been mentioned to be more on the wholesale side, which may not always meet the sellers’ expectations.

Community and Customer Focus:

  • The responsive nature of the owner and staff to reviews demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and open communication.
  • Instructors like Marlon are often mentioned for their expertise and ability to make customers feel comfortable and informed, reinforcing the center’s community-centric approach.
  • Events such as a birthday offer of a free semi-auto rifle rental display the center’s dedication to making experiences special and personalized.




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