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Discover the Sangre Shooting Sports Club (SSSC), a haven for firearm enthusiasts nestled in the scenic backdrop of Westcliffe, CO. Since its establishment in 1988, the club has been serving the community with a dedication to safety, sport, and responsible firearm handling. Offering a variety of shooting disciplines, this outdoor range is a go-to destination for members year-round.

Main Features:

  • Outdoor rifle and pistol ranges from 25 to 200 yards with covered firing lines.
  • Facilities for informal trap-shooting.
  • Located conveniently on Colorado 69, south of Westcliffe.
  • Operates throughout the year, weather permitting, and during daylight hours.
  • Sponsoring concealed carry classes during the summer.
  • Annual range clean-up and improvement initiatives.
  • Regular new member orientations and safety classes.

Membership and Orientation:

  • Open for new members with comprehensive orientation on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
  • Application process detailed on the website, including NRA membership requirement.
  • Membership forms available online and at the range during orientation days.

Safety Protocols:

  • Rigorous safety rules including the handling of firearms and mandatory eye and ear protection.
  • Specific regulations for moving guns to and from vehicles.
  • Procedures for both emergency and general ceasefires.
  • Accountability for member guests and the safe conduct of all present.

Range Culture and Conduct:

  • Emphasis on the development of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, and patriotism.
  • SSSC is recognized as a 501(c)(7) exempt organization.
  • Recognition of founding LIFE members who have contributed significantly to the club’s success.

Feedback from the community has underscored the club’s commitment to a disciplined environment, requiring membership and adherence to strict safety protocols. The mandatory NRA affiliation reflects the club’s focus on responsible gun ownership and operation. While some reviews hint at the necessity of a membership, they also highlight the club’s inclusive approach to new orientations and the opportunity for community engagement through classes and volunteer workdays.

The SSSC has been described as a facility that takes pride in maintaining its ranges and offering structured activities that underscore its commitment to firearm safety and education. Some people view its limitations as being in the exclusivity of its membership requirement, which emphasizes its stance on community responsibility and safety.

For those interested in becoming a part of the Sangre Shooting Sports Club, please note that active NRA membership is a prerequisite, reflecting the club’s dedication to the highest standards of firearm stewardship.




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