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Step into the world of precision shooting with the La Junta Rifle Club (LJRC), where the emphasis on accuracy and safety is paramount. This club, which is located to the north of the LJRC facilities, serves a wide range of shooting disciplines and benefits from a vibrant neighborhood that prioritizes meticulous skill over simple rapid-fire techniques. Below are the key features and considerations for those interested in the activities and amenities of LJRC:

Main Features:

  • Rifle Range: Equipped with target berms at intervals from 50 to 300 yards, suitable for smokeless powder rifles up to .50 caliber and any black powder rifle.
    • Note: .50 BMG caliber is exclusive to 300 yards and restricted to paper targets.
  • Indoor Pistol Range: Tailored for rimfire weapons and centerfire handguns up to .45 caliber. A safe environment for target practice with a strict no-shotgun policy.
  • Outdoor Pistol Range: Open to a variety of firearms including .22 rimfire, centerfire handguns, and black powder pistols. Tactical shotgun practice is permitted with fixed targets.
  • Skeet and Trap Range: Shotgun exclusive, fostering skills in dynamic target shooting. Release trigger shotguns must be labeled for safety.
  • Archery Range: Dedicated space for archery, free from the interruption of firearms.
  • Clubhouse: Featuring meeting space with a wood stove, serving area, and basic amenities, albeit without running water.

Community Highlights:

  • Safety First: LJRC is reviewing policies for bump stocks due to safety concerns, reminding members of their responsibility for any damage or injury caused down-range.
  • The annual Egg Shoot serves as a showcase for the community’s shooting ethos, which leans more toward precision than the indiscriminate firing that bump stocks might encourage.
  • Lifetime Achievements:
    • Mike Day: Recognized for his unwavering commitment and contributions, from managing events like the Rifle Egg Shoot to hands-on maintenance and improvements.
    • Brandon Madewell and Carl Otteman: Commended for their strategic and physical contributions, earning Lifetime Memberships for their role in enhancing the club.
  • Youth Engagement: Proudly supporting local youth shooters, including 4-H participants, fostering the next generation of responsible gun enthusiasts.

Facility Use and Regulations:

  • Usage is under the discretion of the Board of Directors, with strict adherence to the set guidelines for each range.
  • Range fees are nominal, encouraging frequent practice while maintaining accessible facilities.




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