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Experience the excitement of shooting at Republic Shooting Range, a veteran and family-owned outdoor facility in Avondale, Colorado, boasting an expansive selection of ranges and shooting activities. Designed for the safety-conscious enthusiast and competitive shooter alike, Republic Shooting Range offers an environment where marksmanship thrives.

Main Features:

Patrons have highlighted the range’s superior training facilities, complimenting the well-maintained environment and professional, welcoming staff. Several reviews note the helpful and knowledgeable range safety officers, offering assistance and advice, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

However, some visitors have mentioned inconsistencies with operational hours and early closures, suggesting a potential area for improved communication. Others have occasionally felt a lack of attention from the staff, though such instances seem isolated when considering the broader customer feedback.

Operating Hours:

  • Winter: 9 AM to 4 PM, Wednesday through Sunday
  • Summer: 9 AM to 6 PM, Wednesday through Sunday

Whether seeking individual shooting time or planning a group event, Republic Shooting Range provides options for daily rates and memberships, including discounts for military and first responders. Corporate and group rates are available, making it an ideal spot for birthdays, team-building exercises, or corporate outings.




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