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Nestled in the scenic locale of Pueblo, Colorado, Range 121 offers a specialized environment for firearms enthusiasts to practice and enhance their shooting skills. This shooting range has been a part of the local community and has garnered attention from a variety of patrons.

Visitors to Range 121 can expect a straightforward shooting experience, with facilities that cater to both the explosive power of firearms and the precision required for accurate shooting. The range has been recognized for providing a space where individuals can engage in ‘sploding’ – a term used by one of the patrons to describe the exhilarating experience of shooting at this range.

However, potential visitors should be aware that the range has received mixed feedback. While some regulars find Range 121 to be a suitable place for their shooting activities, others have expressed less satisfaction, indicating that there may be aspects of the range that could benefit from improvement.

The Range‘s reputation is built on the experiences of its customers, and while it holds a decent rating, it’s clear that Range 121 may be better suited for those looking for a no-frills shooting environment rather than a high-end shooting experience.

Located at Pueblo, CO 81008, United States, Range 121 is accessible for locals and visitors looking for a place to practice their marksmanship. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a beginner interested in the world of shooting, Range 121 offers the basics of what you need to get started or keep your skills sharp.

Before visiting, potential guests are encouraged to consider the range’s reviews to ensure it meets their expectations for a shooting range experience.



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