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Step into the world of precision and camaraderie at the Montrose Rod and Gun Club (MRGC), a haven for shooting enthusiasts that has proudly stood the test of time since its incorporation in 1953. The MRGC, while boasting a rich history, is also noted for its resilience and dedication to maintaining the authentic character of its indoor facility, a testament to the club’s longstanding heritage, constructed between 1979 and 1983.

Located at 1211 6450 Road, the indoor range provides a heated, well-lit space for the discharge of non-magnum pistols and .22 L.R. caliber rifles. The premises also serve as the hub for the club’s meetings, fostering a sense of community and shared passion among its members.

The outdoor range, a landscape of innovation and expansion since its acquisition in 1976, presents an impressive array of amenities. Nestled just a quarter mile west of the south rim turnoff to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument and stretching the boundaries of the shooting experience, it features multiple pistol ranges, a tactical pistol range, a rifle range, and dual shotgun ranges. The addition of covered benches and berms ensures a comfortable and secure environment for all shooting disciplines.

MRGC’s commitment to the shooting sports is evident in its comprehensive roster of events, including Varmint Silhouette and Clay Pigeon shoots, along with popular activities such as Skeet and Trap. The club also prides itself on its Junior Program, fostering the next generation of shooting sports aficionados.

In anticipation of the future, MRGC hosts innovative events like Cowboy Action Shoots, 5 Stand Sporting Clays, and Silhouette Shoots, embracing both tradition and evolution within the shooting sports realm.

Notably, the club is also a host to the acclaimed Montrose Gun Show from September 22nd to 24th, 2023, showcasing a variety of firearms and accessories to the public.

Members of the MRGC enjoy a “self-service” facility model, promising autonomy once membership is obtained. The club warmly invites individuals to their monthly meetings for prospective members to join their ranks, extending membership privileges to all household members, with safety and supervision stipulations for those under eighteen.

Community members have expressed their satisfaction with the club’s exceptional facilities and robust junior shooting program, emphasizing the club’s positive environment and the warmth of its people.

While the club celebrates its longevity and tradition, it also recognizes the need for strict adherence to safety and etiquette, mandating members to maintain a responsible and vigilant approach to gun handling and to contribute to the upkeep and security of the ranges.




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