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Nestled in a scenic backdrop with an immersive shooting experience, Mill Creek Shooting Resort is where marksmanship meets the majesty of nature. This resort has captured the attention and praise of shooting enthusiasts for its impressive range, seasoned instruction, and an atmosphere that combines sport with tranquility. Here’s what guests are buzzing about:

Main Features:

  • Expert instruction from Jay, known for transforming novices into confident long-distance shooters.
  • Opportunities to push your shooting range to new limits (1000 yards and beyond).
  • Tailored guidance on using your gear effectively.
  • Emphasis on technique and mindset for improved accuracy.
  • A welcoming environment, ideal for both individuals and families.
  • The joy of not just shooting, but learning and excelling with a patient and generous teacher.
  • A unique blend of challenging activities and relaxing amenities.

Strengths Highlighted by Visitors:

  • Personalized adjustments and lessons to significantly improve shooting skills.
  • Jay’s teaching style is recognized for its clarity and effectiveness, making complex concepts accessible.
  • Accommodations and facilities are consistently described as beautiful and comfortable.
  • The resort’s staff is friendly, adding to the warmth of the experience.
  • Remarkable achievements by guests, like hitting targets at 1400 yards confidently.
  • A supportive environment that extends beyond shooting, fostering friendships and camaraderie.

Areas for Improvement:

  • While reviews are overwhelmingly positive, they hint at an always-present opportunity to tailor experiences to a broader audience, ensuring each guest finds their visit both challenging and accessible, no matter their prior skill level.



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