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Nestled on the serene Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, the Prince of Wales Shooting Club is not just a shooting range; it’s an experience. Instead of the usual urban entertainments, this unique destination offers visitors an immersive natural backdrop, transforming the usual range experience into an outdoor escapade in the heart of the Tongass National Forest.


  • Established in 2013 by passionate volunteers.
  • Features a pistol, rifle, and trap range.
  • Boasts a heated and well-lit 20-seat classroom.
  • Variety of events catering to beginners to experienced marksmen.
  • All sessions overseen by qualified Range Safety Officers (RSOs).

Events & Classes:

  1. Action Pistol: Typically scheduled on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings, this event focuses on real-life defensive pistol techniques. Suitable for all, especially women or beginners looking for self-empowerment.
  2. Trap Range: Gather every Sunday at 1pm to refine your shotgun & bird hunting skills in a communal setting.
  3. AR-15 Basic Introduction: Dive deep into the history, functionality, and techniques associated with the AR-15.
  4. Women on Target: An annual event empowering women in the world of handguns.
  5. Concealed Carry Course: Meets the State of Alaska requirements for a concealed carry permit.
  6. Hunter Safety Education: Collaboratively offered with the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game every spring.
  7. Labor Day Special: A festive community day featuring gun raffles, contests, kid activities, and more.

Membership & Fees:

  • A yearly family membership is priced at $100, granting access to all ranges.
  • Training for members is available at $50 and $150 for non-members.
  • Most events are open to the public, but certain fees might apply.


  • Secure online payments available via PayPal.


  • Provides a unique shooting experience amidst nature’s best.
  • Diverse range of events and classes suitable for all skill levels.
  • Engages and educates the community through well-organized programs.


  • Some events are exclusive to members, which might deter certain individuals.
  • Being located in a remote setting, it may not be easily accessible for everyone.




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