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  1. Beginner-Friendly: New to shooting? The association welcomes beginners to join its sports or competition leagues. Seasoned members are eager to offer guidance, ensuring you’re in good company.
  2. Diverse Shooting Opportunities: From patterning shotguns in the combat area to 100-yard handgun sightings on the rifle range, Watervliet caters to diverse shooting needs.
  3. Indoor Range Access: For those proficient in handgun and rimfire rifle shooting, an indoor range is available post-qualification.
  4. Event Calendar: The association has an organized calendar featuring various events, such as high power league matches and IPSC matches, keeping members informed.
  5. Contribution Encouraged: If you’re looking to get more involved, the club encourages active participation in meetings, work days, and event setups.

Strengths (Based on Reviews):

  • Well-organized Events: The U.S.P.S.A. match and other events are known to start on time and are efficiently managed.
  • Versatile Ranges: The facility boasts a variety of shooting ranges including skeet, trap, and both outdoor and indoor pistol shooting areas.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Many reviewers commend the congenial nature of the members and staff.
  • Safety is a Priority: The association is recognized for its emphasis on safety, ensuring a secure shooting environment for all.
  • Well-maintained Premises: Regulars appreciate the upkeep of the ranges and club areas.


  • Membership Limitations: Due to its popularity, there’s a noted waiting period for new members looking to join.




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