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Located in the heart of Buffalo, the Wincrest Sportsman Association offers a comprehensive shooting experience for gun enthusiasts. This facility has garnered an array of reviews highlighting the friendly and helpful staff. Many members have praised the knowledgeability of the staff, emphasizing their dedication to gun safety.


  • They offer a pistol permit course and one-on-one training sessions.
  • It’s not just about shooting; it’s about learning. The association emphasizes the importance of gun safety, ensuring all members are well-informed.
  • The size of the range is notably commendable, providing ample space for training and practice.
  • Recent reviews indicate improvements made over the past few years, with the range now being brighter and cleaner.
  • It seems to be a favorite among many, with remarks such as “member for life” and commendations on the facility’s privacy.


  • Friendly Atmosphere: Numerous reviews underline the kindness and helpfulness of both the staff and board members.
  • Facility Upgrades: Over the years, efforts have been made to enhance the range’s ambiance, making it brighter and tidier.
  • Safety First: The emphasis on gun safety is consistent among members’ feedback.

Points of Consideration:

  • Communication: Some reviewers have indicated difficulties in reaching out or getting timely responses from the association.
  • Aesthetic Update: While functional and improving, a few believe the place could benefit from further updating.

How to Join: For those interested in joining or making inquiries, it’s recommended to reach out via the provided phone number (881-0679). If there’s no immediate answer, leave a message for further assistance.

Ammo Restrictions: For those wondering about the kind of ammo allowed, FMJ, preferably brass case bullets, is preferred.

Visiting Hours: While specific regular hours of operation aren’t immediately clear, there have been mentions of events or meetings, such as one scheduled for a Saturday at noon. It might be best to call in advance before visiting.

Come discover why many have chosen Wincrest Sportsman Association as their preferred shooting range in Buffalo!




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