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Conveniently situated at the corner of Sheridan Drive & Grand Island Boulevard.

Membership Details:

  • The club is affiliated with NRA and requires members to be NRA members.
  • Initiation fee is $40 with an annual membership dues of $75.
  • Range fees: $3/member and $6/guest.
  • Junior Associate memberships for youth (12-17 years): Dues of $30 with a range fee of $2/visit.
  • Club access is strictly monitored. Abuse of privileges may lead to card deactivation.

Safety Protocols:

  • Safety remains paramount. There are specific rules for ammo, caliber size, and range behavior to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • All members and their guests are expected to abide by the club’s safety rules, including but not limited to using yellow safety flags, standing behind safety lines, wearing approved eye and hearing protection, and respecting the range officer’s directions.

Programs and Activities:

  • Youth Shooting Programs: The club emphasizes youth shooting and education. They’ve collaborated with organizations like US Naval Sea Cadets and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Pistol League: Open to all members. Matches are often held on Friday nights during the season.
  • Light Rifle: Both adults and youth can participate in the Light Rifle team, emphasizing off-hand standing shooting with specific equipment guidelines.
  • Training: Courses available include the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course and Hunter Safety Courses.
  • SCOPE Membership: The club has been a charter member of SCOPE since its inception in 1965, advocating for the 2nd Amendment Civil Rights.

Reviews Highlights:

  • Prospective visitors have eagerly awaited their visits, emphasizing the importance of training beforehand.
  • The club has been described as a clean and professional setting.
  • The range officer, Geoff, is notably meticulous.
  • There’s an emphasis from members on training hard, being responsible, and respecting one’s equipment.





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