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Richmond Boro Gun Club invites individuals to immerse themselves in the world of shooting sports. With a thriving community of roughly 500 members, the club offers diverse shooting events throughout the year, culminating in championship matches. There’s also an archery range for those keen on precision and patience.


New to the world of shooting? Fret not! The club extends a warm welcome to beginners with range orientation sessions and safety protocol lessons. Additionally, keep an eye out for the Hunter Education training – it’s worth enrolling when spots become available.


Whether rifles, pistols, or archery are your forte, there’s a designated range for you. For those seeking a thrill, the steel challenge bay awaits to test your speed and accuracy. Note: Maintenance schedules mean closures every Monday and Wednesday from 8 am to 12 pm. It’s advised to call in advance for specific range availability.


Stay informed about all the exciting happenings, from shooting schedules to meetings and special closures. You’d never want to miss out, so ensure you’re always in the loop!


Why just visit when you can be a part of the community? With regular and associate memberships, Richmond Boro Gun Club has got everyone covered. As a member, enjoy the privilege of year-round access and your very own key for seven-day a week access during daylight hours.


Founded in 1936, the club has a rich legacy that traces back to The Kreischerville Gun Club on Arthur Kill Road. This club, after its reorganization in 1940, was chartered as Richmond Boro Gun Club by the National Rifle Association. With just 30 members initially, the club saw exponential growth over the years, facing adversities such as fires and relocations, but has always come out stronger.


  • Only paper targets placed in designated holders or plates can be used.
  • Shooting at non-designated objects is strictly prohibited and can result in disciplinary action.
  • It’s crucial to position paper targets to ensure bullets hit the far berm directly downrange.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Range Rules booklet for a safe experience.
  • Any issues or concerns? A Board Member is just a call away.





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