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Nestled in the scenic foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains just northwest of Tucson, Arizona, Pima Pistol Club offers an impressive outdoor pistol & rifle complex. With over a century of history, this club, established in 1916 and incorporated in 1920, has the distinction of being one of the oldest continuously operating ranges in the U.S., serving everyone from casual enthusiasts to Olympians, from the military to law enforcement.


  • Both public and private shooting ranges
  • Fees: Non-members: $20. Discounts available for Active and Retired Military, Law Enforcement, & Firefighters ($18) with individuals under 18 shooting for free.
  • Hydration: Visitors are advised to bring their own hydration. Water is available on request.
  • Safety: New visitors should review safety rules, restrictions, and guidelines before arrival.
  • Reservations: Not accepted; members have range priority on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Pets: Only registered service animals and LEO K9s are allowed for safety reasons.

Range Descriptions:

  1. Range 1 – The Coop: A public pistol range with targets ranging from 10 to 15 yards. Various restrictions apply.
  2. Range 2 – The Presidio: A public rifle range with memories of the Southwestern Outpost. Target distances vary between 25 and 100 yards.
  3. Ranges 3 & 4 – The Tactical Twin 50s: Exclusive 50-yard ranges for members with a variety of training scenarios available.
  4. Range 5 – The Corral & The 200: A long distance range open primarily during hunting season, with a max distance of 200 yards.
  5. Ranges 5A, 5B, & 5C – The Marshal, The Bronco, & The Colt Ranges: Member-only dynamic pistol ranges, each with unique histories and features.
  6. Range 5D – The Rock: A dynamic 25-yard pistol and rifle range located by the base of the Santa Catalina mountains.
  7. Ranges 6 & 8: Reserved for action sport competition training.
  8. Range 9 – The Pit: A 55-yard dynamic range for both pistols and rifles.
  9. Range 10 – The Dillinger: A short and sweet 15-yard dynamic pistol range.
  10. Range 11 – The Dutchman: A 20-yard dynamic pistol range.
  11. Range 12 – The Pass: A 17-yard dynamic pistol range with beautiful scenic views.

Membership: Pima Pistol Club offers several types of memberships with various benefits. The club’s rich history ensures that membership is not just about accessing a shooting range, but being part of a legacy. Memberships range from Associate to Regular with special categories for military, law enforcement, firefighters, spouses, and family. Members enjoy privileges such as access to all pistol-rated steel targets, barricades, holster use, sling use, and member meetings.

Note: It’s advisable for interested individuals to visit in person for membership registration. They can also contact the PPC Administration Office at 520-825-4440 for further details.

Review Highlights:

  • Strengths: Long-standing history, diverse range of ranges catering to different needs, military and law enforcement appreciation, family-friendly, strong emphasis on safety.
  • Weaknesses: Lack of online membership processing, some restrictions on specific ranges may not suit all shooters, no provision of refreshments during matches.




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