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Phoenix Rod & Gun Club, conveniently situated at the base of South Mountain next to the Phoenix Police Academy, offers a prime shooting experience in the Valley. Established in 1937, the club boasts a rich legacy, serving as the heart of marksmanship excellence in Phoenix for decades.

Facilities & Divisions:

  1. High Power Division: Focuses on centerfire rifle competitions, ranging from hunting rifles to Military Service Rifles.
  2. Practical Firearms Division: Offers scenario-based competitions emphasizing practical uses of firearms including pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
  3. Pistol Division: Specializes in precision pistol competitions with various rules and ranges, covering events like NRA Precision Pistol, CMP Service Pistol, and more.
  4. Public Range: A covered range with 27 shooting positions, catering to both rifles and handguns for distances from 10 to 100 yards. It’s open to the public on weekends with varying times according to seasons. Fees apply, but children under 18 shoot for free when supervised by an adult. Ear and eye protection are mandatory.

Membership: Those eager to join the club’s longstanding tradition of marksmanship can avail membership by meeting the listed requirements and abiding by the club’s guidelines. Membership provides perks like daily range access from 7am to sundown, priority for matches, and guest inclusion rights under supervision.

Public Feedback: Many visitors laud Phoenix Rod & Gun Club for its comprehensive facilities, competent range management, and friendly staff. Highlights from reviews praise the informative and patient training for newcomers, the strict yet helpful staff ensuring safety, and the overall well-maintained and clean environment. Several recurring members applaud the weekly matches, affordability, and wide variety of ranges. However, some feedback suggests that the club might be more accommodating in terms of accessibility for those with tight schedules.




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