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Skyline Hunting and Fishing Club: Your Gateway to Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re an experienced marksman or just starting, the Skyline Hunting and Fishing Club offers a wide array of facilities and educational services to enhance your outdoor experience.

This club, which is part of the Lockheed Martin Waterton Campus, offers a distinctive combination of shooting ranges, archery opportunities, and hunter education, all under the direction of a committed group of chair members.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Comprehensive Event Calendar: Check for Trap/Skeet/5Stand events – rounds are a bargain at $4 each.
  • Membership Renewal Alerts: Don’t forget, memberships traditionally expire April 1st. Late renewals could lead to badge deactivation.
  • Archery Hunting Privileges: Exclusive to members for hunting elk, deer, or fall turkey with vertical archery equipment on Lockheed Martin property.
  • Rigorous Education and Safety: Mandatory safety briefings and Archery Hunters Ed course completion required for hunting.

Facilities Designed for Enthusiasts:

  • Diverse Ranges: From the 100-yard range with covered lanes to the 200/300-yard range for long-distance shooting.
  • Archery Range: Features a sight-in area, plus 4 miles of walking ranges with varied terrain.
  • Multi-Use Pistol House: Includes 14 covered lanes and berm shooting capabilities.
  • Trap and Skeet Access: Available only during events or with a chair member present.

Education and Training Services:

  • Hunter Education: Partnered with the Division Of Wildlife for comprehensive classroom and hands-on learning.
  • Flexible Class Formats: Choose from traditional classroom settings, internet & conclusion classes, and internet course portals.
  • Bowhunter Education: Offers additional skills, though not mandated by Colorado law.

Join the Community:

New member orientations are underway, and applications are welcome. Please read the “New Member Application Process” and contact John Larue for further guidance. Remember, do not send application documents via email; they must be presented at your range orientation.

For those with a passion for hunting, the club provides a meticulous path to secure hunting permissions on the Lockheed Martin Waterton Campus, demanding a commitment to safety and community service through work bonds.




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