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Looking to enhance your shooting skills in Durango, CO? Explore the Durango Gun Club, a well-regarded local establishment for firearm enthusiasts. This club is not just a place to practice your aim but also a community where safety and respect are paramount.

Before diving into the heart of the club’s features, it’s worth noting that potential members are required to attend a meeting for orientation, which is scheduled every third Tuesday of the month. This initial step ensures that all participants are well-versed in the club’s operations and safety protocols.

Main Features

  • Two Convenient Locations: Whether you prefer the great outdoors or a controlled indoor environment, the Durango Gun Club caters to both preferences.
    • The Indoor Range at 580 Florida Rd, situated just north of the Chapman Hill Ice Rink, is notable for its easy accessibility and extensive operating hours from 7 AM to 10 PM. Remember to be considerate of the nearby residents when visiting.
    • The Outdoor Range located on La Posta Rd (CR 231), tucked away near Walmart and west of the Animas River, offers a natural backdrop for shooting during daylight hours.
  • Membership Protocol: To join the ranks of the Durango Gun Club, attendance at one of the monthly meetings is mandatory for all new members, ensuring a community of well-informed and responsible gun enthusiasts.

Club Strengths

  • Described as “perfect” by a local guide with extensive experience in reviewing various locales, indicating an excellent reputation in terms of facilities, community, or possibly both.

Club Weaknesses

  • The mandatory orientation meeting might be a barrier for some potential members who prefer immediate access to club facilities.



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