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Seeking an accessible outdoor shooting range experience? Look no further than this convenient range located on La Posta Rd (CR 231), nestled just behind Walmart and on the west side of the Animas River. Catering to those who appreciate the convenience of a nearby facility, this range boasts daylight hours operation, offering flexibility for visitors to enjoy their practice sessions during any daylight time.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Location: On La Posta Rd (CR 231), close to central conveniences, behind Walmart.
  • Accessibility: Situated on the west side of the Animas River.
  • Hours of Operation: Open during daylight hours, allowing for a wide range of visiting times.

Feedback from local guides provides insight into the range’s reception within the community:

  • The range has been commended for its proximity to town, providing an easily accessible spot for shooting enthusiasts to sight in and qualify their firearms.
  • However, some locals have expressed concerns regarding noise and the potential impact on property values and those with PTSD due to its location.
  • A few voices have called into question the necessity of such a facility in this location, suggesting a move to a more remote area, such as Bayfield, to mitigate noise concerns.



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