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For gun enthusiasts searching for a community-focused shooting experience, the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club in Cortez, Colorado, is a standout destination. This non-profit organization proudly supports the rights of U.S. citizens under the Second Amendment while emphasizing safety and responsible gun ownership.

Main Features:

  • Indoor Range: Nine-position, 50-foot range plus a spacious meeting room.
  • Outdoor Range: A diverse setup including rifle, pistol, .22 caliber rimfire, 500 yard, cowboy action, and 3-gun ranges.
  • Junior Shooters: Complimentary program for youth ages 10-20, focusing on safety and marksmanship.
  • Pistol League: Bulls Eye Pistol Leagues tailored to various sights and skill levels.
  • Hunter Sight-Ins: Pre-hunting season sight-in opportunities for hunters.
  • Long Range Shoots: For those looking to practice shots from 100 to 500 yards.

Situated just a short drive from Mesa Verde National Park, the club invites members to enjoy a range of facilities and activities tailored to all ages and skill levels. From hunter sight-ins to Junior Shooters programs and Pistol Leagues, there’s an event for every interest.

Strengths and Community Reviews:

  • Commended for maintaining an “outstanding outdoor range,” the club receives consistent praise for its variety and quality of ranges.
  • The Junior Shooters program is widely recognized for its dedication to fostering the next generation of responsible gun owners.
  • Members appreciate the well-organized leagues and the inclusion of all skill levels.


  • Some users note that, as there is no shotgun range currently, this is an area for potential growth and development.

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to extensive shooting ranges and facilities.
  • Inclusive activities like an annual picnic, gun show, and Women on Target events.
  • Family-friendly options with associate memberships covering spouses and junior family members.

Interested parties should note the prerequisite of NRA membership for club activities insurance purposes. Membership involves a pledge, application, and a safety orientation, with detailed instructions available for the application process online or through mail.

Activities and Access:

The club’s calendar is regularly updated to ensure members can check availability and scheduled events, with ranges including covered benches for various yard shooting, .22 caliber rimfire, and controlled access ranges for cowboy action and 3-gun competitions.

Location Highlights:

The Indoor Facility, primarily serving the Junior Shooters and local law enforcement trainings, is located just off Lebanon Road, offering a nine-position range and meeting space.

For a comprehensive look at the club’s offerings or to find out how to join, interested individuals are encouraged to explore the club’s calendar, read the 4CRP Crack Shot newsletters, or learn more about membership.




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