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Step into a world where history and modern shooting sports converge at The Firing-Line — Aurora, Colorado’s premier firearms superstore. With an expansive 15,000 square foot standalone facility, The Firing-Line is not just another gun shop; it’s a destination for firearm enthusiasts who demand variety, quality, and knowledgeable service.

Key Features:

  • Vast inventory of over 1500 firearms for every purpose, from self-defense pistols to high-end hunting rifles.
  • An indoor shooting range, providing a space for both seasoned shooters and newcomers.
  • A staff boasting over 200 years of combined experience, ready to share their expertise and a friendly smile.
  • Competitive pricing on par with or exceeding what’s offered by larger chain stores.
  • A specialty section, THE COLLECTORS CORNER, featuring high-grade and collectable firearms for discerning collectors.

Services Offered:

Customer Experiences:

  • Reviews highlight the store’s expansive selection and experienced staff, with special commendation for the assistance provided with complex paperwork and processes, like ATF paperwork for suppressors.
  • The shop’s inviting atmosphere and exceptional customer service are frequently praised, making both first-time buyers and seasoned enthusiasts feel at home.
  • However, some customers have noted that while the range is well-suited for beginners and casual shooters, it may not cater to those seeking more intensive training due to its shooting pace restrictions.
  • Comments reflect a mixture of experiences with the store’s ambience and staff demeanor, with some finding certain staff members less than helpful, while others receive top-notch assistance.
  • Pricing and trade-in value fairness have been called into question by some, although many have had satisfactory purchase experiences.




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