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Long Island Firearms Training, also known as Renaissance Firearms Instruction (RFI), has stood as the number one shooting range on Long Island since 2011. A dedication to comprehensive firearms education lies at the heart of RFI’s mission, catering to a vast range of skills and backgrounds. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned marksman, RFI offers a comfortable civilian teaching environment ensuring a non-intimidating educational experience.

With a legacy of over 900 published articles on diverse firearms topics, the RFI brand has also been spotlighted in leading national magazines like Combat Handguns and Firearms News.

Highlighted Courses:

  • 18-hour NYS Concealed Carry Firearms Safety Training
  • 2-Hour AR-15 Shooting and Safety Package
  • 2-Hour Henry Cowboy Shoot
  • Defensive Shooting II – Shooting on the move
  • Long Range Shooting Course

Strengths, As Shared by the Public:

  • Diverse Skill Catering: From beginners to professionals, the classes are paced and tailored to accommodate all levels.
  • Expert Instructors: Praise is consistent for the knowledge and patience exhibited by the instructors. Notably, Frank, Barbara, Matt, Sean, and Frank Melloni have been highlighted for their exceptional teaching methods.
  • Hands-on Approach: The courses are described as thorough, well-executed, and engaging. Real-world experience enriches the training, making it both practical and informative.
  • Positive Environment: A recurring theme is the comfortable, friendly, and non-intimidating environment cultivated by RFI.

Feedback from Users:

  • “Outstanding overall experience… paced for all levels” – Thaddeus McCourt
  • Def I teaches the fundamentals of using your firearm in defensive situations, including stance and dealing with stoppages under stress.” – Keith Howard
  • “Every student gets equal or extra attention, making the learning more efficient and personable.” – Laura Hartman
  • “Even as a retired Police Officer handling Firearms since 1969, I learned a lot in regards to sight alignment and grip.” – Robert Erdody
  • “Frank and the crew made shooting past 200 yrds a breeze; hitting steel at 1040 yards was exhilarating!” – Paul Levine
  • “The instructions not just stem from books but are based on actual experiences, ensuring a more engaging class.” – Jason Pedneault





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