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Established in 1928, the Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club (RR&RC) has stood as a distinguished shooting range on Long Island. Though originally stationed in Roslyn, it now proudly boasts an indoor facility in Westbury, N.Y., and an outdoor range in Calverton, N.Y.

Special Features:

  • Public Events: In addition to being a private club, RR&RC routinely hosts public events. These include Hunter Safety Courses, Fire Arms Safety Courses, and various shooting events.
  • Collaborations: The club supports various organizations like the Boy Scouts, Women in Shooting Sports, and the Empire State games by providing range facilities and personnel.
  • Junior Program: Recognized for one of the longest-standing Junior Programs on the East Coast.
  • Member Exclusivity: A limited membership of 350 ensures a focused and dedicated shooting environment.
  • Facilities: 24-7 access to the indoor range and the outdoor facility (shooting permitted from 8:30 am until dusk).

Membership Process: Prospective members need a sponsorship from a current club member in good standing. Post introduction, they undergo a background check and get board approval. A one-year probationary period follows, and new members enjoy almost all benefits of full membership. An initiation fee, prorated dues, and work requirements ensure commitment to the club.

Reviews Snapshot:

  • “Clean, well lit, with great ventilation. The club has wonderful members always willing to assist.”
  • “A focus on safety, combined with great people who are staunch defenders of the 2nd amendment.”
  • “Excellent competitions.”
  • Recognized for its exclusivity with a limited group of 350 shooters.
  • “In the best experience there is.”




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