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Nestled just outside the vibrant Steamboat Springs in the picturesque landscape of northwestern Colorado, the Routt County Rifle Club stands as a testament to the community’s dedication to shooting sports. Established in 1941, this club has grown to encompass over 500 active members, all participating in the safe and responsible practice of firearms handling.

The club boasts an array of facilities tailored to cater to various shooting disciplines. These include a welcoming clubhouse, a rifle range for long-distance marksmanship, a shotgun range designed for the dynamic sport of clay shooting, an outdoor pistol range for short-range firearm enthusiasts, and an indoor range for year-round practice regardless of weather conditions.

The club is overseen by a committed Board of Directors, including President Travis Bedell, Vice President Jae Seifert, and Secretary/Treasurer Keegan Rogan, among others. The Range Officers, such as Andy Weynand for Archery and Mike Hirshman for Rifles, ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the ranges, providing expertise and oversight.

Members of the Routt County Rifle Club are privy to keycard access, ensuring secure and exclusive entry to the ranges. The club emphasizes safety and responsibility, with surveillance in place and access limited to the hours between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM. The keycard system is designed to be family-friendly while maintaining strict guidelines to prevent misuse, with a clear policy for guest access and the consequences of policy violations.

The club’s rules are comprehensive and prioritize safety above all. Projectiles must remain within club property, wildlife is to be respected, and the use of eye and ear protection is mandatory. The club strictly prohibits the use of full automatic weapons and enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol and drugs on the range.

Shooting events at the club follow a “Cold Range” policy, ensuring that firearms are unloaded until a participant is in the designated Start Box and under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. This policy is strictly enforced to maintain the highest safety standards.

Each range has its specific set of rules, such as the Shotgun Range requiring actions to be open and guns unloaded unless at a shooting station, and the Rifle Range emphasizing the importance of keeping the muzzle pointed downrange at all times. The Outdoor Pistol Range and Indoor Range have similar safety protocols, focusing on the direction of the muzzle and the handling of firearms.

The club also acknowledges the tradition of dogs accompanying their owners and has set forth rules to ensure that dogs do not become a nuisance or safety concern. Owners are expected to maintain control of their dogs at all times and are responsible for cleaning up after them.

Membership renewals are currently on hiatus due to system enhancements, with the promise of resuming on November 15. The club has seen an increase in annual dues, a decision made to encourage volunteering, cover operating costs, and contribute to safety improvements and a litigation defense fund. Discounts on dues are available for members who volunteer their time.

For those seeking to join or renew their membership, the club has outlined a clear process, including an online orientation, a waiver of liability agreement, and an online payment system for dues.

Reviews from the community highlight the club’s excellent facilities and strong gun-safety culture, though there is an indication of room for improvement based on feedback. The club’s response to such feedback is prompt and open, indicating a willingness to enhance the member experience.




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