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Nestled in the rugged terrains of Colorado, the Red Canyon Shooting Range has garnered a variety of feedback from its visitors. While no longer functioning as a traditional shooting range, this BLM land reflects the evolving outdoor activities and management challenges that come with them. Here’s what you should know if considering a visit:

Main Features:

  • Formerly a shooting range, now a mixed-use land area
  • Open space with natural beauty often used for various outdoor activities
  • Requires a vehicle with good clearance due to unmaintained roads
  • Potential for encountering wildlife in the area


  • The land is spacious and can offer solitude, particularly on weekdays
  • It’s a convenient and free space for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Some responsible visitors demonstrate environmental stewardship by cleaning up


  • Misleading location markers; the actual range is about 1/2 mile farther than indicated
  • The area has a significant litter problem due to neglect by some patrons
  • Confusion over the name and purpose of the land; formerly known as Dinosaur Flats
  • Close proximity to residential areas, leading to concerns over safety and noise
  • Reports of the land being used as a homeless camp

Visitor Experiences:

  • Crowded on weekends; early mornings are advised for a more peaceful experience
  • The site can be deserted on weekdays, offering more privacy
  • Visitors have expressed disappointment in finding the place run down and not as expected
  • Encounters with wildlife, including deer, add an element of surprise



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