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Nestled just an hour’s drive from Denver, Empire Gun Club stands as a beacon of firearms training and shooting freedom in Colorado. This members-only facility is renowned for its comprehensive offerings, including concealed handgun permits, advanced firearms training, and the luxury of private range rental.

Empire Gun Club has garnered a reputation for being a community-centric hub where both novice and experienced shooters can enhance their skills. Members speak highly of the club’s well-maintained facilities and the range of equipment provided, such as various targets that cater to different training needs. The club’s owner, Kyle Howard, is frequently lauded for his expert knowledge, patient instruction, and clear dedication to creating a safe, accommodating environment for all skill levels.

The club’s strengths are manifold, with members appreciating the ability to reserve a range slot online, often finding themselves with ample space for focused training. The range is praised for its cleanliness and the sense of community it fosters among members. The owner’s vision of empowering Colorado gun owners is reflected in the club’s commitment to safety and the provision of a respectful member community.

Training at Empire Gun Club goes beyond the basics, with courses and guest instructors bringing decades of force-on-force vetted training from elite military units and local S.W.A.T. teams. The club emphasizes the importance of adrenaline control and decision-making in defensive situations, offering a training experience that simulates real-life encounters.

The club’s offerings are extensive, with unlimited private range reservations, monthly free guest passes, access to range resources, training discounts, and exclusive discounts on all purchases. Members can also benefit from the expertise of guest instructors and the unique opportunity to shoot at night.

Empire Gun Club’s approach to membership is refreshingly straightforward, with no initiation fees, annual work requirements, membership contract obligations, or cancellation fees. Membership options are flexible, catering to individuals, families, and groups, with significant savings over drop-in pricing and additional discounts for military, police, and first responders.

For instructors seeking a venue for their classes, Empire Gun Club offers competitive range pricing with the freedom to teach without interference. The range is equipped to handle various training scenarios, with multiple bays and the allowance of dynamic shooting exercises upon approval.

Despite its many strengths, the club’s location in Wiggins, CO, may be considered a drawback for some, as it requires a drive from Denver. However, members affirm that the quality of the experience far outweighs the distance traveled.




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