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Discover the rugged charm of Dinosaur Flats Shooting Range, a sought-after outdoor destination for firearms enthusiasts nestled in the scenic expanse of Cañon City, Colorado. This gun club is celebrated for providing a natural backdrop where individuals can refine their shooting skills in an unconfined environment.

The range is accessible via a 1.2-mile journey from Red Canyon Road, where a high-clearance vehicle is recommended to navigate the rocky and potentially muddy terrain, especially after rainfall. The remote location offers a sense of freedom and privacy, as there are no range officers to oversee the shooting pace, allowing for a more personal and uninterrupted experience.

Visitors appreciate the opportunity to practice in the great outdoors, with the range’s open policy being a notable draw. However, the site’s condition reflects a need for community mindfulness, as littering has been a recurring concern. Patrons are encouraged to embrace a ‘leave no trace’ ethic, taking the initiative to remove not only their own refuse but also any existing debris to preserve the range’s natural beauty.

While the range is free and open, the approach and the state of cleanliness could benefit from improvements such as the addition of a large dumpster to encourage proper waste disposal. The community’s love for the range is evident, with many expressing a desire to keep it operational and well-maintained, echoing calls for collective responsibility in trash removal.

Dinosaur Flats Shooting Range stands as a testament to Colorado’s commitment to outdoor sportsmanship, offering a space where lifelong friendships are formed over shared interests. It’s a place where memories are made, skills are honed, and the spirit of camaraderie is alive, albeit with a plea for respect towards the environment and fellow shooters.



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