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Located near Glenwood, Arkansas, the Pigeon Roost Shooting Range provides a spot for recreational shooting and target practice. Open from sunup to sundown throughout the year, visitors can enjoy its facilities at no cost. The busiest periods tend to be before and during hunting season, but it’s a versatile spot ideal for use all year round.

Features and Facilities

  • Hours: Sunup to sundown.
  • Cost: Free of charge.
  • Usage: Medium, with peak times before and during hunting season.
  • Restrictions: All visitors should adhere to the regulations posted at the range.
  • Facilities: The range doesn’t offer restrooms. Visitors are advised to be prepared and plan accordingly.
  • Directions: From Glenwood, head northeast on Highway70 for 4.1 mi, turn left on county road 35 for 1.1 mi, make a right on county road 27 for 0.4 mi, take the left fork on county road 248 for 0.5 mi, and finally, turn left on Forest Service road C27A for 0.7 mi.
  • Recreation Map: A map showcasing recreational areas is available, though users are advised to exercise caution and understand the map’s limitations.

Strengths as Reviewed by Visitors

  • The range master, Chuck, comes highly recommended for his expertise and welcoming demeanor.
  • A well-maintained property ensures minimal issues with pests when checking targets.
  • The flexibility to shoot a variety of weapons and ammunition is a plus.
  • Safety is paramount, with no reported issues even when multiple parties are using the range.
  • Concrete sidewalks marking distances of 25, 50, and 100 yards are helpful for shooters.
  • Cleanliness is a standout feature, though visitors are responsible for cleaning up their spent shells.

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