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Situated approximately 9 miles north of Stockton, AL off the St. Lukes Church Road, the Upper Delta WMA Shooting Range is a premier facility offering shooting opportunities at distances up to 100 yards. Unique to this location, shooters are required to insert the barrel of their firearms into a 20-foot steel tube before discharging, ensuring the bullet travels safely downrange. Additionally, a dedicated pad allows enthusiasts to shoot shotguns at clay targets. For convenience and accessibility, the rifle range is wheelchair-friendly and features a concrete walkway for downrange access to the target lines.

Operating Hours: Open during daylight hours. Special permits allow for exceptions.

License Requirements:

  • Alabama residents aged 16-64 must possess a valid hunting, heritage, fishing, or WMA license.
  • Nonresidents aged 16 or older require a valid WMA or non-resident hunting license. Licenses can be procured online, by phone at 1-888-848-6887, or at a local retail vendor.

Range Regulations:

  1. Operates during daylight hours (exceptions by permit).
  2. Compliance with all posted restrictions is mandatory.
  3. Maintain cleanliness; dispose of used targets, brass, and other waste properly.
  4. Shotguns using no. 4 shot or smaller are restricted to designated clay areas.
  5. Follow all firearms and shooting protocols for safety and accuracy.
  6. Alcohol is prohibited on the premises.

Reviews: Many visitors praise the range for its easy access, cleanliness, and well-maintained benches. The facility is recognized as a prime spot not only for range practice but also for hunting, making it an ideal location for day-long family activities. However, some feedback indicates a need for better restroom facilities, particularly for female attendees.

Others highlight the availability of canoe and kayak launches, and the potential for camping on the site. Some seasoned hunters hint at the allure of undiscovered game, making it a challenge for many to return and try their luck. A recurring suggestion from visitors is for patrons to be more considerate by cleaning up after themselves, ensuring that the public range remains in pristine condition. Some users mentioned encounters with game wardens and felt that access could be improved during certain hunting days. Additionally, the range’s natural setting means occasional disturbances from flying insects.



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