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Discover a shooter’s haven at BluCore Shooting Center, a premier indoor shooting range facility in Denver meticulously crafted by Navy SEAL combat veterans. A seamless fusion of gun range, retail shop, and expert firearms training, this establishment is underpinned by the vast experience of staff with military/SPEC-OPS, law enforcement, and competitive shooting backgrounds.

Facilities & Services:

  • State-of-the-Art Climate-Controlled Indoor Range: Experience shooting comfort in any weather, thanks to advanced ventilation that ensures air quality, with the pistol range refreshing every 90 seconds and the rifle range every 6 minutes through HEPA filtration systems.
  • Denver’s Exclusive 100-Yard Indoor Rifle Range: The facility prides itself on its 5-lane rifle range, making it the only 100-yard indoor rifle range open to the public in Denver, complete with electric target retrieval systems.
  • Extensive Rental Gun Program: Choose from nearly 100 rental guns, ranging from .22 pistols to .50 BMG sniper rifles, with the opportunity to handle a full-auto machine gun.
  • Comprehensive Retail Selection: The retail area is stocked with proven firearms, reliable tactical gear, and accessories catering to all budget levels, ensuring quality performance under challenging conditions.
  • Robust Membership Benefits: Members enjoy numerous privileges, such as free shooting, discounts on training, merchandise, firearm rentals, and reduced fees for transfers, including Class III/NFA items. The membership is tailored to honor military, law enforcement, and first responders with special rates.
  • Convenient Lane Reservations: An innovative online reservation system allows members to book lanes up to two weeks in advance, ensuring a hassle-free visit.
  • Expert-Designed Training Programs: Drawing from a pool of Special Forces, law enforcement, and competitive shooting expertise, BluCore offers training from beginner to advanced levels. Specialized courses for Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) applicants focus on combat-proven techniques, while a variety of classes and private instruction options are available for all skill levels.
  • Transfer Services Compliance: Firearms transfers are handled with strict adherence to Colorado state laws, with clear guidelines and reasonable fees for active and retired military members, as well as non-members.

Community Acclaim:

  • Customers highlight the attentive and safety-conscious staff, the unique underground 100yd rifle range, and the comprehensive services that BluCore provides. Personalized assistance and the welcoming presence of a friendly shop dog add to the center’s charm.
  • Patrons value the expertise available, with reviews noting the unmatched knowledge and professionalism that enhance the BluCore experience. This is underscored by the center’s commitment to community engagement, keeping enthusiasts informed and involved through social media platforms.




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