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Tucked away in the scenic surroundings of the Town of Colonie, the West Albany Rod & Gun Club offers both outdoor and indoor shooting facilities. Access to the club is reserved for members, with limited memberships available, and a waiting list currently in effect.

Facilities & Services:

  • Shooting Options: Trap, Archery Indoor
  • Instruction: Available on-site
  • Additional Activities: Hunting, Fishing, and other activities

Feedback from the Community:

  • Strengths:
    • A common highlight among visitors is the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the friendly staff and members.
    • The club offers value for money with reasonable pricing for food and drinks. In fact, their Thursday night dinners open to the public are often touted as a delightful experience for just $5.
    • Grounds and amenities are well-maintained, offering a pleasant experience to the visitors.
    • The club seems to have a loyal following with regulars, many of whom enjoy the variety of shooting activities available.
  • Areas of Improvement:
    • Some advanced shooters felt the rifle range might not meet the needs of those seeking longer distances or precision shooting.
    • The club’s popularity means there’s a waiting list for potential new members.




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