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Located in the heart of NYC, Trigon Tactics offers specialized training in Weapons Combatives, Defensive Tactics, and Armed Force on Force Training. Catering primarily to Law Enforcement, Military, and qualified civilians, this training center focuses on enhancing survivability in close-quarter weapons environments. With a unique methodology rooted in Conditioned Response Training drills and Simulated Combat Training, Trigon Tactics stands out in its commitment to real-world scenario preparations. Their Close Quarter Weapons training program is designed to be easily assimilated by Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructors and Military Combatives Instructors.


  1. Highly Experienced Instructors: Reviewers frequently praised Sensei Sonny Mayo and Mr. Craig Gresh for their expertise and teaching methods. Both beginners and those with advanced training backgrounds found their techniques effective and easy to learn.
  2. Real-world Scenario Training: Trigon Tactics is lauded for its reality-based weapons fighting and defense training, emphasizing practical techniques for real-world scenarios.
  3. Tailored for Professionals: The training is especially recommended for those in Law Enforcement and Military roles. Reviewers from these backgrounds highlighted the value of the techniques taught in enhancing their combat readiness and survivability.
  4. Welcoming Environment: Many participants felt comfortable and confident during their sessions, noting the professionalism and accommodating nature of the instructors.
  5. Diverse Training Offerings: From firearms training to knife and stick combat courses, Trigon Tactics offers a wide range of training modules to cater to various needs.


  1. Misunderstandings on Training Scope: A few reviewers were under the impression that the training would offer protection from gunshots, which it does not claim to do.

Noteworthy Mentions:

  • An actor from popular shows like “The Blacklist” on NBC and “Bull” on CBS recommends Trigon Tactics as one of the best places in the city for firearms training.
  • Several law enforcement officers and those in similar roles felt the training provided at Trigon Tactics was invaluable, often surpassing what they learned at academies.
  • Many reviews emphasize the real-time based scenarios, practicality of techniques, and overall value of the training in real-life applications, especially for those in professional roles.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of firearm handling or a professional seeking advanced training, Trigon Tactics in NYC is a top choice for many. The testimonials from numerous satisfied participants underscore its reputation as a premier training facility.




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