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When stepping into the Parma Rod and Gun Club, you might feel like you’ve entered a time capsule of traditional marksmanship values. The club’s rich history and commitment to preserving the art of shooting sports are evident in every corner of its facilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned sharpshooter or a novice looking to hone your skills, Parma Rod and Gun Club has something for everyone. So, why not explore what this esteemed club has to offer and discover a community dedicated to the art of precision shooting?

Club Facilities and Amenities

When exploring the Club Facilities and Amenities at Parma Rod and Gun Club, you’ll find a range of shooting opportunities and amenities available to members. Located on Boehm Lane in Parma, the club offers a virtual Range Tour for those interested in exploring the facilities remotely. Members have access to various shooting opportunities and amenities, including dedicated shooting areas and 3 West Pits for their use.

The club takes pride in its copyrighted materials and utilizes Joomla! software under the GNU GPL license. To enhance user experience, the club has upgraded its system and gate controller, ensuring smooth operations for its members.

Whether you’re looking to hone your shooting skills or simply enjoy a day out in the range, Parma Rod and Gun Club provides a welcoming environment with top-notch facilities and amenities.

Membership Options and Benefits

Membership options at Parma Rod and Gun Club cater to individuals, families, and juniors, offering a range of benefits for shooting enthusiasts.

The club, located in a picturesque setting, provides various membership tiers to suit different needs. Individual memberships grant access to the club’s shooting ranges and facilities, along with priority scheduling for range use. Family memberships extend these benefits to immediate family members, fostering a shared passion for shooting sports.

Junior memberships are tailored for young enthusiasts, providing them with a supportive environment to hone their skills. Benefits of membership may include participation in club events, discounts on training programs, and exclusive offers.

Members also receive regular updates on club activities and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Moreover, membership fees contribute to range maintenance, club improvements, and support for shooting sports programs, ensuring the club remains a vibrant hub for shooting enthusiasts.

Shooting Sports offered.

The Parma Rod and Gun Club offers a diverse range of shooting sports opportunities for its members.

You can participate in Practical Precision Rifle shooting, where accuracy and technique are key.

If you enjoy the challenge of Long Range Tactical Rifle shooting, the club provides a space for you to hone your skills.

For those interested in hunting and improving their shooting abilities, the club offers Hunters Ed programs to enhance your knowledge.

Additionally, the club hosts I.A.W.C.A. events, providing members with a chance to engage in various shooting sports activities.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, the Parma Rod and Gun Club caters to a wide range of interests and skill levels.

Take advantage of the diverse shooting opportunities available and enhance your gun skills in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Events and Competitions

Events and competitions at the Parma Rod and Gun Club are a prominent feature of the club’s activities, showcasing the skills and dedication of its members in practical precision rifle shooting. The Parma Precision Rifle Club hosts PRS regional and rimfire series matches on the 3rd Saturday each month, attracting top shooters like Trent Winegar, Cory Kellogg-Allen, and Chad Loe, who’ve impressive point standings in competitions. The standings reveal leaders such as Patrick Lorenzo in tactical, Kevin Wexler in production, and Jeffrey Mckean in gas gun categories.

Club activities primarily revolve around practical precision rifle shooting competitions and training sessions for members. Additionally, the club actively engages with the community by providing shooting sports opportunities to local residents, contributing significantly to the recreational scene in Parma. These events not only foster camaraderie among members but also showcase the high level of skill and sportsmanship within the Parma Rod and Gun Club community.

Safety Protocols and Regulations

Adhering strictly to safety protocols and regulations is paramount at the Parma Rod and Gun Club to ensure a secure shooting environment for all participants. The club upholds a strong commitment to safety through the following measures:

  • Range officer supervision during shooting activities ensures proper oversight and immediate assistance if needed.
  • Regulations mandate the consistent use of eye and ear protection on the range to safeguard participants from potential harm.
  • Strict enforcement of firearm handling rules and safe shooting practices minimizes risks and promotes a culture of safety among members.
  • Regular safety briefings and reminders serve as proactive measures to keep safety at the forefront of all shooting activities.

At the Parma Rod and Gun Club, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a way of life. By following established protocols and regulations, members contribute to a collective effort to maintain a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for everyone involved.




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