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As you step into the Leo Hadley Range, it’s like entering a precision-crafted sanctuary for marksmen seeking a place to hone their skills. But beyond the surface lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

The range not only offers unparalleled shooting facilities but also a range of activities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or an adventurer looking for new experiences, Leo Hadley Range has something intriguing to offer.

Leo Hadley Range Overview

Located just 4 miles west of Sandpoint, Idaho, Leo Hadley Range is a 6-acre outdoor shooting facility that provides shooting distances ranging from 25 to 200 yards. This range, managed by the City Park System, boasts 14 covered concrete shooting lanes where visitors can hone their marksmanship skills. If you’re a shooting enthusiast in Bonner County, Leo Hadley Range offers season passes at varying rates for both non-Sportsman Association members and Bonner County Sportsmen Association members. The presence of range masters during operating hours ensures a safe and organized shooting experience for all visitors.

Leo Hadley Range in Bonner County goes beyond just shooting lanes; visitors can enjoy complimentary amenities such as eye and ear protection, spotting scopes, as well as targets. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or new to the sport, Leo Hadley Range provides a welcoming environment for all levels of expertise.

Hiking Trails in Leo Hadley Range

Leo Hadley Range doesn’t feature designated hiking trails within its premises, as the focus of the range is primarily on providing shooting facilities rather than outdoor recreational trails. Visitors to Leo Hadley Range, particularly County Sportsmen, come here primarily for shooting activities rather than hiking.

If you’re a hiking enthusiast looking for trails, you may need to explore other nearby areas in Sandpoint for hiking opportunities, as Leo Hadley Range is specifically designed and maintained for shooting sports. While the range offers a unique shooting experience, it isn’t the place to seek out hiking or nature walks.

For those interested in hiking, Sandpoint and its surrounding areas provide a variety of trails and natural landscapes to explore. Leo Hadley Range caters to a different outdoor recreational niche, focusing on providing top-notch shooting facilities for its visitors.

Skiing and Snowboarding Opportunities

For those seeking skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the Sandpoint area, Leo Hadley Range doesn’t cater to winter sports activities but instead focuses on providing shooting facilities for visitors. As a shooting range, Leo Hadley Range offers a variety of shooting sports for enthusiasts to enjoy. Visitors should expect a range designed for firearms practice and training, rather than slopes for skiing or snowboarding.

The facilities at Leo Hadley Range are well-equipped for shooting activities, with designated areas for different types of firearms and shooting disciplines. Safety is paramount at the range, and visitors can expect a controlled environment where they can practice their shooting skills under supervision if needed.

While Leo Hadley Range may not be the destination for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, it provides a unique opportunity for shooting enthusiasts to hone their skills and enjoy the sport in a safe and structured setting. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, Leo Hadley Range offers a place to engage in shooting sports in the Sandpoint area.

Wildlife Viewing in Leo Hadley Range

Amidst the diverse ecosystem of Leo Hadley Range, wildlife enthusiasts can delight in observing various species of birds, deer, and other animals in their natural habitat. The range, located in County, offers a tranquil setting for visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the local fauna.

Birdwatchers will find a haven here, with opportunities to spot songbirds, raptors, and waterfowl among the trees and skies. The range’s varied landscape provides an ideal environment for deer, allowing observers to witness these graceful animals grazing or moving through the area.

Leo Hadley Range serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, giving visitors a chance to appreciate and connect with nature. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or simply enjoy observing animals in the wild, the range offers a fulfilling experience for all who appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

Camping Options in Leo Hadley Range

While camping isn’t permitted within the Leo Hadley Range, visitors can explore nearby options for overnight stays in the surrounding area. The Leo Hadley Range is primarily dedicated to shooting sports and doesn’t allow camping on-site to ensure the safety of all users. It’s essential to respect the guidelines set by the Leo Hadley Sportsmens Association and refrain from camping within the range boundaries.

For those looking to camp near the Leo Hadley Range, there are various camping options available in the surrounding area. Local campgrounds or parks might offer suitable accommodations for overnight stays. Visitors are encouraged to plan their camping trips in advance and research nearby camping facilities to make appropriate arrangements.

Remember that while the Leo Hadley Range doesn’t permit camping, there are alternative options nearby for those wishing to spend the night in the vicinity. By adhering to the range’s regulations and exploring other camping opportunities, visitors can enjoy a pleasant outdoor experience while respecting the designated land use within the Leo Hadley Range.




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