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If you’re looking for a place to hone your shooting skills and enjoy a variety of shooting disciplines, Farragut Public Shooting Range is where you want to be. From the crisp crack of a handgun at the 50-yard range to the satisfying thud of a rifle hitting its mark at 100 yards, the range caters to all levels of marksmanship.

But there’s more to discover beyond the firing line that might just surprise you.

Range Features and Amenities

Within the Farragut Public Shooting Range, shooters can access a variety of amenities and features tailored to enhance their shooting experience. The range offers multiple options for different types of shooting activities. For handguns and rimfire rifles, there’s a 50-yard range with 12 shooting points available. Additionally, there’s a 100-yard range with 12 shooting points designed for rifles, shotgun slugs, and scoped handguns. Those looking for longer ranges can utilize the 200-yard range with 12 shooting points dedicated to rifles. If shotgun shooting is your preference, there’s a shotgun trap area equipped with mechanical throwers and four shooting points.

Moreover, archery enthusiasts aren’t left out at Farragut Public Shooting Range. They can enjoy a 1-mile 3D target loop with 20 shooting points specifically set up for archery shooting. Whether you’re into firearms or archery, the range features cater to a diverse array of shooting preferences, ensuring a fulfilling experience for all visitors.

Shooting Programs and Classes

Explore a diverse selection of shooting programs and classes available at Farragut Public Shooting Range to enhance your marksmanship skills and knowledge. Idaho Fish and Game offers a range of educational opportunities for all skill levels.

The Youth Marksmanship Skills Workshop on September 16 is perfect for young enthusiasts looking to develop their shooting abilities. If you’re interested in handguns, the Handguns 101 Skills Course on May 6 provides valuable training.

For archery enthusiasts, the Youth Archery League starting in May offers a chance to sharpen your skills. Those looking to improve their shotgun shooting can participate in the Successful Shotgunning Workshop scheduled for March 25.

Additionally, reservations for the Hunter Education Classroom, starting January 1, 2023, are open for those seeking certification. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, these programs and classes at Farragut Public Shooting Range cater to various interests and skill levels.

Safety Guidelines and Regulations

To ensure a safe and secure shooting environment at Farragut Public Shooting Range, all participants must adhere to strict safety guidelines and regulations enforced by Range Safety Officers (RSOs). Idaho Fish and Game prioritizes range safety to promote a responsible culture among those engaged in shooting sports. RSOs play a crucial role in monitoring range activities, ensuring that all shooters follow posted safety guidelines and directives.

All participants on the range must wear eye and ear protection to safeguard against potential hazards. Additionally, firearms must remain unloaded and cased until shooters reach the firing line. Proper handling and storing firearms are essential for maintaining a safe shooting environment for everyone involved.

Equipment Rental and Sales

For your convenience, essential shooting equipment and supplies are available for purchase at Farragut Public Shooting Range, including eye and ear protection, reloading brass, shooting clays, and bottled water. While rental services may not be offered at the Farragut Shooting Range Center, you can easily purchase all necessary shooting accessories on-site to ensure a seamless shooting experience.

Here are a few key points to consider regarding equipment at the range:

  1. Purchase Options: At the Farragut Shooting Range Center, you can buy eye and ear protection, reloading brass, shooting clays, and bottled water to meet all your shooting needs.
  2. Convenience: The range focuses on selling essential shooting supplies to provide you with a hassle-free experience.
  3. On-Site Availability: Patrons can conveniently acquire all the required shooting equipment and supplies directly at the Farragut Shooting Range Center.

Events and Competitions

Check out the exciting upcoming events and competitions scheduled at Farragut Shooting Range, offering diverse opportunities to enhance your shooting skills and meet fellow enthusiasts.

On May 6, the Handguns 101 Skills Course provides a great shooting opportunity for those looking to improve their handgun skills.

For young marksmen, the youth marksmanship workshop on September 16 is an excellent chance to learn and practice essential shooting skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Additionally, young archery enthusiasts can look forward to the start of the youth archery league in May, where they can showcase their skills and compete with peers.

If shotgunning is more your style, don’t miss the Successful Shotgunning workshop on March 25, offering valuable insights and techniques to enhance your shotgun shooting abilities.

For those interested in hunter education, classroom reservations beginning January 1, 2023, provide a structured learning environment to develop essential knowledge and skills for safe and responsible hunting practices.

Join these events to hone your shooting abilities and connect with like-minded individuals at Farragut Shooting Range.




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