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If you’ve ever wondered how a shooting range could improve your marksmanship skills, consider this: At the Sandpoint City Shooting Range, beginners can learn essential firearm safety practices under the guidance of experienced range officers.

But what sets this range apart? Stay tuned to discover the unique features and opportunities that make it a standout destination for both novice and seasoned shooters alike.

Range Facilities and Amenities

Covered concrete shooting lanes ranging from 25 to 200 yards are available at the Sandpoint City Shooting Range for visitors to utilize. Situated on Baldy Mountain Road, this outdoor shooting range is a vital part of the Sandpoint Park System, managed by the City of Sandpoint. The range is designed to be ADA accessible, offering parking and restroom facilities for the convenience of all visitors.

As part of the range of facilities, visitors can access various amenities provided by the city free of charge. These include eye and ear protection, spotting scopes, and targets. The outdoor shooting range has seen continuous improvements since 1990, aimed at enhancing the overall experience for shooters. These ongoing enhancements have upgraded the amenities and facilities available to visitors, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for shooting enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, the Sandpoint City Shooting Range offers a well-equipped and well-maintained space for your shooting activities.

Target Options and Shooting Lanes

Situated on Baldy Mountain Road, the Sandpoint City Shooting Range offers a selection of target options and shooting lanes to cater to various preferences and skill levels. The outdoor range provides 14 covered concrete shooting lanes for visitors, ensuring a comfortable and protected shooting experience. Shooting distances at the range vary from 25 to 200 yards, accommodating shooters of different levels of expertise.

The covered concrete shooting lanes offer a stable and secure environment for practicing shooting skills.

Shooting distances ranging from 25 to 200 yards provide a diverse range of challenges for shooters to hone their accuracy.

Free access to eye and ear protection, spotting scopes, and targets provided by the City enhances the shooting experience while prioritizing safety.

Visitors must adhere to the posted rules and guidelines to maintain safety and ensure a pleasant shooting experience for all. The shooting lanes are safeguarded by dirt berms and a 6-foot chain link fence for containment and added security.

Equipment Rentals and Sales

For visitors looking to access a variety of firearms and accessories, Wrenco Arms & Indoor Range in Ponderay offers equipment rentals and sales to cater to a range of shooting preferences and needs. At this range, customers have the option to rent firearms, including full auto choices, for their shooting experience.

In addition to firearm rentals, Wrenco Arms & Indoor Range provides custom cerakote finishes and kydex holsters to enhance your shooting gear. If you’re looking to purchase firearms, suppressors, or accessories, this range has you covered.

Various training classes are available for those interested, such as the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry and Long Range Shooting Clinic. You can benefit from the expertise of experienced instructors, including a former USMC Scout/Sniper, who lead specialized courses like Defensive Shotgun and Emergency Life Saver training.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, Wrenco Arms & Indoor Range offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your shooting needs.

Safety Guidelines and Regulations

To ensure a safe shooting environment, the Sandpoint City Shooting Range enforces strict safety guidelines and regulations for all visitors. When visiting the range, it’s essential to adhere to the following:

  1. Range Capacity: The range operates with a maximum of 10 people and allows only 8 shooters at a time to maintain a safe environment for everyone present.
  2. Eye and Ear Protection: Visitors must bring their own eye and ear protection as loaned equipment isn’t available on-site. This is crucial for safeguarding against potential injuries.
  3. Special Hours and COVID-19 Measures: Special hours are reserved for seniors and vulnerable populations. Additionally, strict adherence to posted rules, social distancing guidelines, and COVID-19 safety measures are mandatory to ensure a secure shooting environment for all visitors.

Membership Benefits and Pricing

As you consider becoming a member at the Sandpoint City Shooting Range, it’s important to explore the various benefits and pricing options available.

Current Bonner County Sportsmen Association Members can obtain a season pass for the range at a discounted rate of $20, whereas non-members can purchase the same pass for $70. The range only accepts cash and checks for range fees and passes.

For all range users, the City provides complimentary eye and ear protection, spotting scopes, and targets. Non-member range fees are $5 per day, making membership a cost-effective choice for frequent visitors.




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