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If you’re an enthusiast who enjoys honing your marksmanship skills, imagine a place where you can immerse yourself in a world of diverse shooting disciplines and challenges.

At the Island Park Recreational Sport Shooting Center, precision meets passion. As you step onto the firing line, the crisp air buzzing with anticipation, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a community of fellow shooters, each with their own story and expertise.

But what sets this center apart from the rest? Stay tuned to discover how this shooting haven caters to your every shooting need and elevates your experience to new heights.

Location and Facilities

Located within the Island Lake Recreation Area at 13600 East Grand River in Brighton, MI, the Island Lake Shooting Range provides a comprehensive set of shooting amenities for individuals of varying skill levels. Operated by Michigan Shooting Centers, this facility boasts handgun, rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges, catering to a diverse range of shooting interests. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, the range offers a safe and enjoyable environment for honing your skills.

To access the Island Lake Shooting Range, visitors must have a Recreational Passport, with specific pricing details available upon inquiry. The facility prioritizes accessibility, situated conveniently near major roads for easy reach. Additionally, ample parking facilities ensure that visitors can comfortably park before indulging in their shooting activities. Whether you’re visiting alone or with a group, the Island Lake Shooting Range is equipped to accommodate your needs and provide a fulfilling shooting experience.

Shooting Sports

For those looking to engage in various shooting sports, the Island Lake Shooting Range offers a range of options, including rifle, handgun, shotgun, and archery activities.

Visitors can enjoy shooting activities like target practice, skeet shooting, and trap shooting at the range.

The range provides opportunities for both beginners and experienced shooters to improve their skills and enjoy the sport.

Safety equipment such as safety glasses and hearing protection is provided to ensure a safe shooting environment.

Professional staff are available to assist shooters, offer guidance, and ensure a positive experience for all visitors.

Whether you’re honing your skills with a rifle, testing your precision with a handgun, aiming for the moving targets in skeet shooting, or practicing your archery techniques, the shooting sports offered at Island Lake cater to a diverse range of interests and skill levels. With a focus on safety, enjoyment, and skill development, the shooting range provides a welcoming environment for all enthusiasts of shooting sports.

Safety Measures and Guidelines

Before engaging in shooting activities at the Island Park Recreational Sport Shooting Center, familiarize yourself with the mandatory safety measures and guidelines in place. When using the shooting ranges, mandatory safety briefings are conducted to ensure all participants are aware of the protocols.

Signing waivers is a requirement to guarantee compliance with safety measures. Trained staff members are readily available to offer safety instructions and guidance to visitors, maintaining a secure shooting environment. The strict enforcement of safety rules is crucial for the safety and enjoyment of all individuals using the shooting ranges.

Adhering to these guidelines isn’t only necessary for personal safety but also contributes to an overall positive experience at the center. By following the safety measures in place, visitors can focus on honing their shooting skills and enjoying the recreational sport offered at the Island Park Recreational Sport Shooting Center.

Membership Options and Pricing

Exploring membership options at the Island Park Recreational Sport Shooting Center unveils a range of choices tailored to suit various preferences and needs.

  1. Membership Variety: Choose from individual, family, or corporate packages, catering to different group sizes and requirements.
  2. Flexible Pricing: Enjoy pricing flexibility based on membership type and duration, with enticing discounts available for those opting for annual memberships.
  3. Exclusive Benefits: Members are entitled to benefits like priority range access, guest passes, and access to special events, enhancing the shooting experience.
  4. Supporting the Facility: Membership fees play a crucial role in supporting range maintenance, equipment upgrades, and overall facility enhancements.

Events and Special Programs

Discover a diverse array of engaging events and specialized programs hosted at the Island Park Recreational Sport Shooting Center throughout the year.

Wildlife Management enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the Fair Weather Only Steel Challenge event on March 02, 2024, from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

If you’re into action-packed competitions, the USPSA Action Handgun League event is happening on March 07, 2024, between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

For young marksmen, the Nebraska YESS Competitive Youth Shooting Program is set for March 09, 2024, at the shooting center.

Throughout the year, the center offers various events and programs catering to different interests and skill levels. Stay updated by checking the shooting center’s calendar for upcoming opportunities to participate and enhance your shooting skills.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting, these events provide valuable experiences and contribute to wildlife management efforts.




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