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Step into the shooting scene at Jerome Gun Club, where enthusiasts flock for a diverse array of shooting opportunities. From Sporting Clays to trap shooting, the club’s range facilities cater to various interests.

But there’s more to this club than just shooting sessions. The community engagement and competitive events hosted here create a dynamic environment that keeps members coming back for more.

Ready to explore what else Jerome Gun Club has to offer?

History of Jerome Gun Club

The Jerome Gun Club has been a cornerstone of the local shooting sports community for many years. Located in Jerome, the club has a storied history of promoting and fostering a love for shooting sports in the area. Originally founded with a mission to provide a safe and welcoming environment for enthusiasts to practice their marksmanship, the Jerome Gun Club has since expanded its facilities and offerings.

Throughout its existence, the club has continuously adapted to meet the needs of its members, boasting a diverse array of shooting ranges and amenities. From pistol ranges to trap and skeet fields, the Jerome Gun Club caters to a wide range of shooting disciplines, making it a go-to destination for shooters of all levels of experience.

Furthermore, the club’s rich tradition of hosting regular shooting events and competitions has helped solidify its reputation as a hub for the local shooting community. With a focus on safety, camaraderie, and skill development, the Jerome Gun Club remains a respected institution in the world of shooting sports.

Membership Benefits and Requirements

Joining the Jerome Gun Club offers members access to a diverse array of shooting ranges and participation in regular shoots and special events. As a member, you gain the privilege of utilizing the Jerome County Rod, Rifle, and Pistol Range, which includes a 13-station Sporting Clays range and a trap field.

Monthly shoot events are scheduled on the first Saturday and third Sunday, welcoming both members and visitors to participate. The club fosters a welcoming environment for shooters of all skill levels, providing various shooting opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Alongside the chance to hone your shooting skills and engage in friendly competition, membership benefits also include access to exclusive events and special programs. To become a member, one must adhere to the club’s rules, regulations, and safety guidelines while partaking in shooting activities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all members.

Range Facilities and Shooting Programs

To explore the range facilities and shooting programs at the Jerome Gun Club, members have access to a diverse array of shooting ranges, including a 13-station Sporting Clays range and a trap field, along with a covered rifle and pistol range.

Range Facilities and Shooting Programs at Jerome Gun Club:

  1. The club offers a 13-station Sporting Clays range for enthusiasts to sharpen their skills.
  2. A trap field is available for those looking for a different shooting experience.
  3. Members can make use of the covered rifle and pistol range for precision shooting.
  4. The club hosts regular shoots and special events, open to participants of all skill levels.

The Jerome Gun Club provides a well-rounded shooting experience in the county, catering to various interests with its range of facilities. Whether you prefer the challenge of Sporting Clays, the excitement of trap shooting, or honing your marksmanship with rifles and pistols, the club offers opportunities for all members to enjoy and improve their shooting skills.

Competitive Events and Tournaments

Competitors at Jerome Gun Club eagerly participate in a variety of shooting disciplines during the club’s competitive events and tournaments. These events, held regularly at the club located at Post 64 US Hwy, N 468 E, feature disciplines such as Sporting Clays, Trap, and Rifle and Pistol shooting.

Shooters have the opportunity to test their skills and compete in organized matches, providing a platform to showcase their marksmanship abilities. Whether participants are looking for friendly competitions or more challenging settings, the tournaments cater to various preferences. To ensure fair play and an enjoyable experience for all, tournaments often include categories for different skill levels.

This setup encourages camaraderie among shooters and adds an element of excitement to the competitions. By offering a range of disciplines and competition levels, the Jerome Gun Club’s competitive events and tournaments create a dynamic and engaging environment for shooting enthusiasts.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Engaging actively with the community, Jerome Gun Club organizes various shooting events and special activities to promote safe gun handling practices and introduce new shooters to the sport. Through these initiatives, the club aims to foster a culture of responsibility and education within the shooting community.

  1. County RodGun Range: The club partners with the County RodGun Range to host joint events and activities, expanding the reach of their outreach programs.
  2. Outreach Programs: Special programs are designed to welcome and train new shooters, emphasizing the importance of safety and proper gun handling techniques.
  3. Educational Workshops: Members have access to workshops and training sessions that focus on enhancing shooting skills and promoting responsible gun ownership.
  4. Community Events: By participating in local events and initiatives, the Jerome Gun Club helps raise awareness about shooting sports and build a sense of community among enthusiasts.




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