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Nestled in the vicinity of Pencil Bluff, Arkansas, the Oden Shooting Range promises an accessible, enjoyable, and responsible shooting experience. This outdoor attraction is known for its recreational shooting opportunities, drawing enthusiasts from across the region. Open from sunup to sundown, visitors can immerse themselves in the sport amidst natural surroundings.

Accessibility and Usage Oden Shooting Range operates year-round, inviting guests to partake in target practice irrespective of the season. However, it’s worth noting that the range sees its peak activity before and during the hunting season. Despite its popularity, the area maintains a medium usage level, often providing a more private experience, as echoed by patrons who’ve enjoyed having the range almost to themselves on certain days.

Cost and Regulations One of the range’s most appreciated features is the absence of any usage fees. It stands as a free-to-use facility, encouraging more visitors to engage with and learn about firearms responsibly. Regulations, crucial for maintaining safety and order, are conveniently posted on-site, ensuring all participants are aware of the operational standards. Adherence to these rules underscores a commitment to every visitor’s safety and the environment.

Location and Operation Operated by the Mena-Oden Ranger District, the range is about a short drive from Pencil Bluff. Directions are straightforward: a 5.7-mile journey west on Highway 88 from the town, followed by a right turn onto a gravel road for approximately 1 mile. The local management, praised for maintaining the operational efficiency of the site, is reachable at (479) 394-2382 for any queries or assistance.

Facilities and Restrictions The shooting range accommodates distances up to 100 yards, catering to various firearms, including hunting rifles and handguns. It’s an ideal setting for individuals looking to test their equipment or those teaching younger generations about firearm handling, as highlighted by guests who’ve found it suitable for family-oriented shooting education. While the range encourages a comprehensive shooting practice, it’s essential to recognize the limit on the shooting distance.

Visitor Experience Reviews often point to the range’s unassuming yet adequate setup. The absence of crowd congestion, even on busier days, appears to be a significant draw. Moreover, guests commend the sense of freedom and privacy, attributing these elements to enhanced enjoyment during their shooting practice. However, the limited maximum distance might not satisfy individuals seeking more long-range shooting experiences.



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