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Steeped in history, Cowtown Range was established in 1973 by Hollywood stuntman, Ron Nix, as a cinematic backdrop that has since evolved into a premier shooting and entertainment venue. Over the decades, it has been a favored destination for western shooting clubs, competitions, and festivals. Many of the nation’s top shooters have proudly called Cowtown their home turf.

Key Features and Offerings:

  1. Rich Heritage: Originally designed as a movie studio, its Old West ambiance remains alive, making it a unique blend of history and modern shooting facilities.
  2. Expertise: The range boasts a precision shooting curriculum and specialized training, which have garnered respect from elite special operations units and law enforcement agencies.
  3. Operational Excellence: Managed by a dedicated team of retired and active U.S. military service members and law enforcement professionals, you can expect nothing but the best.
  4. Paintball: Experience paintball like never before in their expansive 2.5-acre Western-style range, perfect for action-packed fun under the sun or stars.


  • Exceptional Staff: Numerous reviewers praise the knowledgeable and helpful staff.
  • Training: The defensive sniper course and GPS Defense Sniper School come highly recommended, with participants achieving significant shooting milestones.
  • Facilities: Many appreciate the private shooting aisles, cleanliness, and overall setup of the range.
  • Recreational Activities: Beyond shooting, Cowtown also once offered unique experiences like horseback riding, and currently boasts a vibrant paintball area.

Areas for Consideration:

  • Location: Some wish it were closer to Phoenix, but the distance does ensure safety and a genuine open-range sensation.

Feedback from Regulars:

  • Members appreciate the club’s atmosphere and community, citing excellent communication from range masters and an easy-to-use online booking system.
  • Cowtown’s commitment to continuous improvement and growth is evident from their responses to feedback, ensuring they remain a staple in the community for years to come.




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