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Prescott Shooting Range stands as the only indoor shooting facility in Prescott and boasts the title of the longest and most sophisticated indoor range in the Quad Cities.

For All Levels of Enthusiasts: From the experienced shooter to the beginner and everyone in between, Prescott Shooting Range provides an environment conducive to learning and mastering firearm safety and skills. Their curriculum offers classes for all levels, from the basics of handgun operation to advanced defensive shooting techniques. With a rich selection of over 100 rental guns, it offers the largest collection in the Quad Cities, allowing individuals to test and decide before making a purchase.

Safety at Its Best: Safety remains a top priority. The range not only meets but often surpasses military specifications for indoor shooting facilities. Features such as sound-dampening ballistic walls and a high-volume filtered ventilation system ensure that both shooters and spectators are protected. Furthermore, the presence of an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer at all times ensures that safety regulations are strictly adhered to.

Range Features Include:

  • 25-yard, climate-controlled indoor shooting range with 8 lanes.
  • Wheelchair accessibility.
  • Advanced Meggitt Training and Range Master systems.
  • Provisions for long guns and shotguns (with specific guidelines).
  • Sound-dampening tiles and a rubber bullet trap to minimize ricochets and noise.
  • Retail shop with a variety of firearms, ammo, and accessories.
  • Large classroom for events and one-on-one instruction.

Memberships: Prescott Shooting Range continues its membership program, the Prescott Gun Club, with various membership tiers:

  1. Standard Membership: Priced at $29.99/month, it offers free range lane access on weekdays and discounted transfer fees.
  2. Premium Membership: At $34.99/month, it offers 7 days a week free range lane access, guest passes, merchandise discounts, and more.
  3. Patriot Membership: Exclusively for law enforcement and military personnel at $24.99/month.

Additional membership opportunities include family add-ons and unique 3- or 6-month memberships for part-time Prescott residents and local college students.


  • Beginner Classes: Introduction to handguns with firearm rentals, ammo, and safety gear included.
  • Intermediate Classes: Cover defensive skills and Arizona CCW requirements.
  • Advanced Classes: Skill-building series and tactical drills.
  • Private Instruction: Tailored lessons from NRA-certified instructors. Options include handgun cleaning, LEOSA qualification, and armed security guard training.

Feedback Highlights: Based on reviews, the strengths of Prescott Shooting Range lie in its inclusive environment for shooters of all skill levels, its stringent safety measures, and its comprehensive range of classes. The modern facilities and equipment also receive commendation. As with any business, there may be areas of improvement; however, specific weaknesses are not highlighted in the given data.




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