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Located in Prescott Valley, AZ, Prescott Action Shooters offers a unique experience for shooting enthusiasts. The sporting gun range operates on a membership basis, though their scheduled matches are welcomingly open to the public. For the convenience of planning your visit, the club provides a calendar available on their website to check for any possible closures due to maintenance, special events, or weather restrictions.

Range Features and Amenities:

  • Availability of practice bays for members any time.
  • Non-match areas open for members during scheduled matches.
  • Clearly defined check-in procedures.
  • Speed limits ensure safety on the range and the dirt road leading to it.
  • Secure gate locking procedures on non-event days.

Safety First:

Safety is paramount at Prescott Action Shooters. The range operates on a “cold range” principle, meaning firearms are only loaded under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. All users and spectators are required to wear eye and ear protection. There are clear rules about ammunition, firearm handling, and target placement to ensure everyone’s safety.

Match Rules and Procedures:

A shooter’s presence on the range indicates they accept all personal and property liability. The Range Officers direct the entire shooting process – from loading, shooting to making the firearm safe. Their commands are direct and must be followed for a smooth and safe shooting experience. Violations or unsportsmanlike conduct can result in disqualification.

Competitions and Events:

Prescott Action Shooters is home to a myriad of competitions. This includes Bullseye pistol, USPSA, SASS, IDPA, and more. It proudly hosts the Northern AZ classic USPSA Championship with close to 300 competitors. Moreover, it’s also known as the Yavapai Recreation League.

Strengths as Mentioned by Visitors:

  • Home to a diverse range of competitions.
  • Offers 12 ranges catering to various firearms.
  • Known for great staff and positive club supporters.
  • High-quality maintenance and setup of the range.
  • Hosts events like the 2021 AZ USPSA State Championship which was commended for its well-run stages.

Critiques by Visitors:

  • The range is located considerably far from town.
  • The dirt road leading to the range may not be to everyone’s liking.
  • Some visitors felt there were too many range rules or found them overly restrictive.
  • A few commented on the behavior of certain shooters at the range.




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